Saturday, March 30, 2013


Wahh, my carpels tunnel is getting worse. It all started several years ago when I was working in a restaurant, polishing silverware for hours and hours on end. Now, being a college student where all my notes are taken on the computer, working in a communications office and writing travel hands and wrists are tired of it all!

On the bright side, I might be having an interview with InStyle and (hopefully) Elle Magazine here in Czech Republic. One of my dreams can still be achieved in Europe, in a country that does not have the primary language English. My friend is also doing it and informed me about it, so I jumped on it. I am really really super excited and crossing my fingers...along with next week's meeting with the editor-in-chief of the travel magazine to see where Traveling with Wanderlust will go :)
Excitement for one, excitement for all! Again, fingers crossed!

Look for tomorrow's post on Argentina, South America and a mention at what the following day's post will be.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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