Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Part I: Baaaa Daaaa Boooooom....BERLIN!

FINALLY! The long awaited, much anticipated...I hope...post about the Berlin, Germany girl's weekend trip a few weeks ago. 

With almost no sleep and a 6:00 (AM) alarm clock buzzing right next to my face, my room-mate/best friend and I met our other friend at the metro station to trudge our half asleep selves to the bus station where we would meet our other friend. At 7:00 sharp, sitting in the sweaty hot waiting area, we boarded the Student Agency bus to Berlin, Germany! 

I was so excited because I had never been to Germany for more than just a few hours in the smoke-filled airport. Well, I take that back. I was actually born in Germany and I lived there when I was a baby but of course I don't remember it whatsoever. Since we didn't make it to Munich for Oktoberfest last semester, we decided we needed to go to Germany sometime shortly before uni started second semester. Attempting to sleep on a bus though...yeah, not so good. I stuck to watching movies and listening to the surprisingly great playlist the Student Agency bus had to offer. If you ever travel within Europe, Student Agency is one of the best travel options if you want to go via bus. Super comfortable, great service, the tea is delicious and best of all, it's one of the cheapest- if not the cheapest- option for traveling around Europe. Yeah, it might take a little longer than a plane but you will save quite a bit of money!

Love my ladies- doing the whole Berlin tourist thing.

Our first curry-wurst...was the tits.

My girls are such babes...before the 'American coffee' break in McDonald's...yeah, McDonald's in Germany, we were ashamed. 

THEY HAD DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!!!!! Most importantly, they had DD iced coffee :))

Trying to find the Checkpoint Charlie Museum after a day of Urban Outfitters, curry-wurst and Dunkin Donuts!

The happy Swede!

And the happy Norwegian!

One of my favorite pictures from the fall of the Berlin Wall-in the Checkpoint Charlie Museum

The view after seeing the naked man in the woods...yes, the naked man.

My favorite blonde are the silliest.

Love from Berlin!

People thought I was a land-mark, so they took pictures too. 

Berlinale Red Carpet!

Beautiful Berlin Dom in the late afternoon.

I ass-planted in the snow right after this picture was taken- the big tour group was laughing at me...HA!

Fully appreciating my land of birth.

Exploring the university campus surroundings before the flea market.

We got to Berlin around noon-ish on a Friday and the girls were eager to head to Urban Outfitters since they don't have one here in Prague. Before doing that, we headed over to the hotel after broken ticket machines, not enough euros and getting really lost on the metro. In the midst of all that shenanigans...my suitcase wheels broke off. I can't carry heavy things due to a back/neck injury so I had to drag it along in the snow with it scraping the sidewalk the entire way. We get to the hotel finally and discover it's sort of like one of those horror movie hotels but has a sort of quaintness to it. The elevator didn't work or maybe it just didn't support all of our weight...eh....so we ran up the stairs and into our room. Cute and cozy with the highest ceilings I have ever seen and the smallest TV screen. But Berlin isn't about the TV in the hotel room, right? We went out to explore and try our first curry-wursts of the trip after freshening up in the hotel room. 

On the way, I discovered a...DUNKIN DONUTS!! I screamed like a little girl in a candy shop who was just told she could buy anything and everything she wanted. Back in the states, I lived off DD iced coffees. I ran inside and got myself one. Okay, it didn't taste as great but still satisfied the long overdue craving. We then walked up the long, and I mean LONG shopping street in Berlin with all the expensive shops and boutiques. Finally, after a 20 minute walk with alternating sun shining in our faces and clouds over our heads, we ended up at Urban Outfitters- the best part was the fact they had free WiFi. Afterwards, we experienced the magic of our first curry-wurst. I'm all for trying new foods and weird looking foods but this one had me questioning whether or not it would be worth it. I closed my eyes and took a bite and was so surprised at the different tastes in my mouth. When you go to Berlin, the stands are okay but the best one was called Curry36. 

Some more exploring, getting lost and oogling over the gorgeous German boys...again, I was surprised...we headed over to the Turkish area of Berlin and got ourselves a proper Turkish dinner. Hands down, the BEST rice pudding I have ever tasted in my life. As I always say, "sex in my mouth". Sorry for the little ones who could possibly be reading this- just bleep that out. The food was pretty good too even though we were rushed out seeing as the line was forming outside the door. Exhausted from walking around the city all the day and, of course, traveling all morning, we decided our big night out would be Saturday. So, we walked the day's worth of curry-wurst off back to the hotel and slept like babies in the big, fluffy white beds, dreaming of the hotel breakfast awaiting us in the morning. 

Aaaaand tomorrow Part II will be posted. Have a lovely Tuesday- my day will be spent sleeping, doing some homework and eating Nutella and strawberries...it's healthy...ish.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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