Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Neck-brace Days are Back!

Back to the days of wearing a neck-brace. Prague night-life and weird sleep positions will do that to you.

I get to wear just in time for Swedish House Mafia tomorrow too! Fantastic! If any of you wanderlusters are going, I will be the one whipping my head a big, fat, white neck-brace.

Pictures will be posted Friday morning! Cannot wait.

Travel on (this weekend, hopefully) wanderlusters!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Summer Job the Winter?

Definitely had a typed post then deleted it...anyways, I am getting in the Christmas spirit by...looking for summer jobs!

Not just any summer job though, a summer job with EF Tours in either Malta, London or Dublin...leaning more towards Malta though. I mean a summer by the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful city? What gets better than that. Not much...a summer job where you travel and get paid. My type of job. Plus, I mean come on, who wants to get a minimum-wage, lousy summer job in America where you hate the work you are doing (most of the time). Where I live it's pretty hard to get a summer job so I would have to rely on babysitting.

So, Malta, London, Dublin OR babysitting in a hot house with screaming kids...the answer is pretty evident.

Back to the CHRISTMAS spirit, Christmas is my favorite time of the year by the way, the Christmas markets by my house are open leaving me drooling every time I come up from the metro with the delicious pastries they are baking and hot mulled wine. The big Christmas market in Old Town Square opens this Friday, I CANNOT wait. I've always seen pictures but have never been!

I hope some of you wanderlusters will be spending Christmas in Prague or at least visiting the Christmas markets if you are here before Christmas.

Until then, I will be nose-deep in the on wanderlusters!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everyone has to face-plant in Prague once, right?

Funny thing happened to me today.

After going for a student newspaper meeting at Cafe Louvre...which is my new favorite place in Prague, you have to go if any of you wanderlusters ever visit...I met a friend for tea in Wenceslas Square.

So, after the tea, we parted ways and I'm walking towards the tram in my wedged boots and new red friend calls me "The Woman in Red", why yes, yes I am. Even though I'm not a "woman" I'm a college student, but anyways, back to the story.

I'm on the cobble-stoned streets looking both ways before crossing the tracks to get to the other side, where my tram would be, when I make eye contact with a cute guy. So, of course, like any girl would, you put a little more strut in your walk and do the classic, but obviously not purposeful, hair flip. Yeah. I did that alright and you want to know what happened next?

I face-planted on the road and ate cement, er, cobblestone. Yup. It tasted like cold, hard, dignity-losing cobblestone. Well, first I lost my balance and kind of fell (I usually can save myself in these situations) well this time it was man-down. Lost balance, tried to save myself which ended up only making it worse and then doing the full out "hey guys, look at me! I fell and am now eating the ground like a cow!"

I'm on the ground trying to figure out whether I should get up or just lay there and maybe the cute guy will run over and rescue me from my fall. In about 3 milliseconds I decided to get up, or rather, scramble up to only then stumble/hit the wall of the bank and look like a total drunk mess on a Sunday evening at 22:00. I think it's hilarious when people fall, even when I fall, so upon stumbling up and hitting the wall, I am just dying of laughter, cackling and howling with laughter...the people on the other side were either a) questioning if I was crying or b) pissing themselves laughing. Kind of embarrassing but I'm one of those people who can brush it off by laughing it off.

To avoid looking like some red pea-coated disaster, I called my friend and am laughing so hard the American tourists next to me look at me like I'm on some European drugs with blood seeping through my leggings and laughing into my phone barely able to breath or talk. After getting off the phone with my friend and trying to hide my face from the other side of the tram tracks, I leaned against the wall and thought "shit, my knees are hurting so bad", all of while still laughing to myself. Took me about 30 minutes to finally get the giggles out of my system and when I got home, I discovered some nasty bruises forming on my knees. But hey, what's some bloody, bruised knees and an ounce less of dignity going to do to a girl? Oh yeah, make a relate-able (I hope) blog post...

There you have it wanderlusters...Moral of the story: when trying to be cute and stuff in front of a European guy, make sure to walk SLOWLY and count your steps instead of just whipping your hair back like Willow Smith and trying to get all Nicki Minaj/Beyonce with your booty.

Travel on wanderlusters...and when you come to Prague, I suggest eating some cobblestone, it doesn't taste THAT bad...

Video Blogs...Coming Soon!

I'm excited to announce, v-blogs are coming soon! Get ready for the weird, fun, funny, crazy, maybe even boring to some, shenanigans my friends and I do on a daily basis here in Europe. Europe meaning either in Prague or when we travel.

Shit-show. Yeah, I said it. Well, not all of them. But we are really excited! That is after finals of course...

Travel on wanderlusters...and watch on soon too!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Posting About Wanderlust...Again.

BIG BUMMER. Budapest plans for next weekend are now a no-go. Looks like the next exciting post will be Swedish House Mafia concert next Thursday then the big surprise in the next month. Can't spill though...

So, now the question for January is... London, Switzerland, Morocco or Germany for 5 days before Rome? Leaning more towards Morocco to catch some sun and warmth before the brutal February in Prague. I will most definitely be a hobbit in my room during that month. But then friends and I want to go to London to devour some fish and chips and find ourselves a British mate ;) What girl can resist a lovely 'bloke'? None.

Dreaming of always...well, it's back to the books for me.

Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. Have you ever had a turkey-less Thanksgiving? or an everything-less Thanksgiving? I'm about to have my first tomorrow. Bring on the mulled wine and good friends though!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Library Excitement

My last few days have been spent studying...then passing the library. Exam time, oh how I love you. I noticed this...odd...guy at the library. He always looks so scared, it makes me laugh even though libraries are supposed to be silent.

Oh, the little joys of studying in a new place.

In more exciting news, going to visit some family in Moravia this weekend so think nature and pretty Czech countryside. Hopefully it won't snow again this time and we can go  explore in the forests and hidden areas. Then next week is Swedish House Mafia's last concert tour here in Prague...cannot...wait. I'm getting antsy just typing this.

The following day? Quite possibly a spontaneous trip to Budapest for the weekend! Keep you posted, the wanderlust in me in kicking into high gear now.

Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. How are YOU celebrating Thanksgiving? I'm eating some good ole sweet potatoes, turkey then going to a house-warming party of a friend...European Thanksgiving might not be so bad after all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"The 10 Amazing Exotic Vacations"

Whenever I read these on Yahoo, I always feel the need to share them with my wanderlusters...

"The 10 Amazing Exotic Vacations"

1. South Island, New Zealand
2. Hawaii
3. Tasmania, Australia
4. Thaiti
5. Adelaide, Australia
6. The Cook Islands
7. North Island, New Zealand
8. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
9. Fiji
10. Brisbane, Australia

Here, have a look for yourselves:

Have any of you wanderlusters traveled to these places?

Travel Plans

As much as I wish I took this fabulous picture, it's not mine, I nabbed it off Pinterest. It's in Prague though! 
Made me realize how much I need to travel as soon as we are taking a spontaneous trip to Budapest in two weekends...the day after the Swedish House Mafia concert (their last tour and I am SO SUPER EXCITED). 

It'll be interesting because I am driving and haven't driven in 4 months...and it's the day after this super, epic, legendary last tour concert. So...we will see how it goes. I'm really looking forward to this because I haven't traveled in over a month since the Paris weekend trip. TOO LONG! 

Then, after that...EXAM WEEK

Travel on wanderlusters...I know I am!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Revolutionary Day in Prague...Protests and Demonstration

Craziness right?!

It's an interesting day to be in Prague...November 17th is a national holiday here, it's the The Day of a Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, or so it's called. It's the day the Velvet Revolution started 23 years ago.

So, Wencesla's Square today is packed with thousands and thousands of people protesting or celebrating and throughout Prague, TV crews are reporting the people marching through the streets protesting to bring back communism or protesting to keep it away. Currently, I'm in a coffee-shop conducting an interview but afterwards, I will head down the street and immerse myself into the crowd. The picture posted is courtesy of my friend but I will have some of my own pictures in a few hours and I will talk more about the experience later tonight...

Travel on wanderlusters!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


A travel blog is pretty boring when the blogger isn't blogging, right?! SORRY! I am making a promise to my wanderlusters now that the travels will be awesome next year (2013) starting in January and the blogging will be close to everyday.

Sickness, sleeping and the mass amounts of research papers and readings for my first semester of college have gotten me busier than ever imagined. I'll have the hang of it by next semester and all the fun adventures are being planned for the warm weather.

Until then, I'll blog about some the cool places and adventures happening here in Prague or over in Moravia where I have family and friends. Some more exciting news is that in 2013, my friends and I are going to start video documenting our adventures here in Prague and on our trips throughout Europe and then to ASIA (Thailand) in May...and fingers crossed...Australia in the Fall of 2013.

So, definitely more excitement in 2013, I promise! Until then, travel on for me wanderlusters and share your stories, I love stories!

P.S. Isn't that a great travel quote above?! Love it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Prague Castle/Pražský Hrad

Still amazed at the fact I live in this beautiful city. Decided to explore for the day to the most popular place in Prague that we have not yet been to...PRAGUE CASTLE. 4 months in this city and we just today got to going up there...

Between sun and no sun we snapped some pictures, got holy in the church, posed like tourists and then ran down to get some traditional Czech cuisine.

 Solid broke college student afternoon if I do say so.

Travel on wanderlusters!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day:Everyone's Favorite Day...

Note the sarcasm in the title.

Tonight's the night...the night babies will be made, drunken chaos, celebration and then there will be some fancy china glass breaking, fist pounding and screaming.

All bets are on the candidate in the lead...I'm not one for politics but I have a strong feeling towards this election. I won't say what party I'm affiliated with...but I'm happy with where the candidate stands so far.

Let the games begin and may the odds ever be in America's favor. I know I'll be anxiously waiting here in Prague!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Coffee House Posts

If any of you wanderlusters ever come to Prague, go to Mama's Coffee. Definitely some of the best "holy grails" of coffee, hands down and I have had coffee from all over the world...super cute and chic with a side of artsy. A majority of customers are English speakers and the staff speak both Czech and English. So relaxing to come here with friends or to work on school stuff or work stuff.

The one by Karlovo Namesti is my favorite; it's two stories and mostly windows, so you get a beautiful view of the city with an excellent cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

Bliss in a cup, I like to call it.

Travel on wanderlusters, but remember to stop and the smell the coffee...then drink it!

College = Less Travel Time

Whoever said college was one has ever said that. I find it astonishing how much work and things there are to do. As I always say "same ish, different day". Couldn't be more accurate.

The amount of work is preventing me from traveling which is absolutely no bueno, but break is coming soon which means tons of travel...fingers crossed. So far, Barcelona and Rome are on the list then it's back to school for second semester. Craziness.

Until my research papers are done and projects are presented, travel on wanderlusters...I know I am experiencing some severe wanderlust withdrawal.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"25 Places to Go...that I WILL go...Before Dying".

According to, these are the places YOU should definitely go before dying...let me book my flights now...I will be visiting #1 in May actually, so cross off that one!

25. Tianzi Mountains, China
24. Santorini, Greece
23. Machu Pichu, Peru
22. The Azores
21. The Great Wall, China
20. Petra, Jordan
19. Bagan, Burma
18. Antelope Canyon, Arizona
17. Ayers Rock, Australia
16. Tanah Lot, Indonesia
15. Meteora, Greece
14. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
13. Preikestolen, Norway
12. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
11. The Twelve Apostles, Australia
10. Angel Falls, Venezula
9. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
8. Positano, Italy
7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
6. The Wave, Arizona
5. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
4. The Maldives
3. Socotra, Yemen
2. Monument Valley, Utah
1. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Travel on wanderlusters!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Perth, Australia

Where I will be studying abroad in a year or year and a half! So unbelievably excited. While out with some friends for Halloween last night I met a guy who lives there and says it's an amazing place. I mean, come on, the city surrounded by a beach in AUSTRALIA. I don't think it gets much better than that and then being able to road-trip up to Sydney and Melbourne...