Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm Dreaming of New Zealand

I've always been fascinated with the idea of moving to Australia or New Zealand after graduating university. There's just something about those accents and the way of life there. I feel that it's more my style of living than in America. I can't say in Europe because Europe IS my style of living and I love it but I just don't picture myself living and working there forever.

Recently, I've become romanced by New Zealand though, especially Queenstown on the South Island. All of the mountains, lakes, nature and photos I see that convinced me it was the place I will settle down one day. I've never been there but I just have that sure feeling. I'm actually hoping I can make a trip to New Zealand either this December or January 2015.

Fingers crossed!

But anyways, I am wondering if any wanderlusters have been there and what they think about it, even better if you live there!

Well, I'm back to dreaming about New Zealand, travel on wanderlusters!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Little Kale Here, A Little Kale There- Summer Recipes

You know what I love lately?
Kale smoothies.

Kale? What the heck is kale?
Well, let me enlighten you (unless you and kale have already become acquainted).
Kale is a green vegetable, kinda leafy, kinda crunchy, not so good by itself (in my opinion) but can be used in many, many ways which make it yummy!

If you are like me, vegetables are not really on the list of foods you eat. Some are OK but for the most part when I am hungry, I won't reach for veggies. It's bad, I know, but nobody is perfect.
So, I choose either to make Kale chips or a kale smoothie in order to give myself some veggies each day, without eating them alone.
I'll share with you wanderlusters my Kale recipes so that you too can enjoy healthy eating and drinking!

SP's Kale Chips:
-a handful (or two) of washed kale
-tablespoon of sea salt
-half a lemon
First and foremost, the most boring part of it all: set the oven to 350 F or ( C).
Now, time to get really started: what you have to do is get a baking tray then spray it or put a baking sheet on it.
Then, place the kale pieces on the tray and drizzle them with olive oil. Not too much that they are soaked but just enough so that someone would be able to tell there is some oil on them.
After, sprinkle the sea salt on the pieces (and/or some pepper if you like).
Finally, squeeze the lemon half over the pieces and then you are ready to get cookin'!
Pop the tray into the oven and wait about 8-15 minutes.
It's best to keep an eye on them after about 7-8 minutes so that you don't burn them. Just wait until they get a little crispy and take them out to cool.
Once cooled, ENJOY!
A kale chip snack is a great, healthy alternative to regular potato chips (obviously).
If you don't like them, then of course that's okay- they aren't for everyone. I won't lie, when I first heard of them I was a little grossed out. I figured I should give it a try and I fell in love with them.

SP's Super Healthy Green Smoothie:
-handful of kale
-handful of chopped, frozen mango (or about one whole fresh mango)
-a whole sliced apple (usually a green granny smith)
-1/2 of orange juice
-one banana (sliced or whole)
-handful of spinach leaves
(you can add 1/3 cup of pineapple to the mix for additional, non-artificial sweetness)

Whip out that blender- even if it's been a long time, don't be scared, 9/10 blenders won't be mad at you.
Dump in the mango, apple, banana and spinach leaves.
Then pour the orange juice in and top off that pre-smoothie healthy goodness parfait with the kale.
Turn up. Seriously, turn the blender onto the highest setting and watch it get shred to pieces. The smoothie should be thicker than a juice but not so thick you can't drink it with a straw.
And from there on out, I hope you know what to do.

I hope you wanderlusters enjoyed this post- it's the first post, of many to come, on the new Traveling with Wanderlust site.
I'm open to suggestions via comments and emails for what you would like to see on the new TwW.

I love hearing from you all, so don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

Until next time,
Travel on wanderlusters!

Monday, June 9, 2014

TWW- Under Construction + BIG Changes

Traveling with Wanderlust is about to become more of a personal blog with a little bit of fashion, a lot of travel, some opinions on various subjects/current events, along with random writing pieces and what not...a little bit of everything!

So, with that said, the TWW site will be under construction for the next few days but when it goes live again, I will make sure to inform everyone via a new post and there will also be several exciting posts which will follow!

I'm really looking forward to sharing my latest wanderlust adventures (and some other stuff) with fellow wanderlusters + anyone who wants to read about my life...good luck with that...I'm actually laughing out loud right now so I guess it's appropriate to write "lol".

Travel on wanderlusters!