Saturday, March 16, 2013


Yesterday when I was at work, I was checking my email when...boom! Got one inbox from the study abroad selection panel at my university aaaaaand...I WAS ACCEPTED TO UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVIDEO, URGUAY for the spring 2014 semester! With my best friend too! So both of us would be going together for a semester. That's a check off on the bucket list right there.

I screamed at my desk, startling the other 20 people in the office which was then followed by "ahh that's exciting", "congrats!!" I am a happy girl, a happy girl. The great thing is that I have never been to South America but have always wanted to go. A friend wants to go to the World Cup in Brazil next summer so that would be an easy commute from Uruguay to Brazil for the matches. Of course some additional things will need to be done so it's not set in stone that I am going but it's just exciting to have been accepted. Other exciting news is that I applied for a summer internship in California with Dick Clark Productions, I should hear back from them in the next few days/weeks.

Have any of you wanderlusters been to Montevideo or elsewhere in Uruguay? Any tips or suggestions? I would love to hear them so I know what I could potentially be getting myself into.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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