Friday, March 22, 2013


We all love those days right, or at least remember them? They are the WORST. Okay, I shouldn't be complaining because I only have two next week and one the week after but still...the anxiety and stress they cause!

With work four days a week, mid-terms, a gym membership and friends, it's almost as if there is, literally, no time for sleep or eating. Just a few more days and the stress will be...slightly...over. Listen of the day to ease the stress: Cannonball by Showtek and Justin Prime. If you like house music, that is.

The Uruguay study abroad plans are coming along, just a few short until I know from the actual university of I was accepted through them (I was just accepted from my school's end, as I found out a few days ago). So, the process of applying isn't over yet, but soon enough.

Over the past few days I have been thinking about writing and different writing styles. The thoughts started after my reporting class and after talking with a friend. In the class, we are taught to write formally, news-y and, well, it's boring. Honestly, I hate formal and news-like writing. I feel that now-a-days since people are becoming more adapt to the expanding social media networks and more simple, personal communication that we see on our computer screens. Today people, especially the younger generations, want to read articles and posts that are interesting, informal and that feel like you are actually communicating with the person face-to-face even though it's through a screen. God forbid there's a mistake right? It happens, no need for formal ridicule if there's an error in writing. It's hard for me in that class to write so formally since I feel like no one will read it or want to read it because it just doesn't relate to them or reach out to them, it doesn't understand them in  a sense. So, my goal with this blog is to make my readers feel as if they are actually having face-to-face conversation with me, that they can enjoy my random, wanderlust-filled thoughts and share my experiences without boring them to the point they exit out of the window. Who wants to read boring, formal styled blog posts anyways? This is 2013 people, jeeeze. Out with the formal newspaper styled writing and in with this new generation of informal, interesting and personal style writing. Of course important political and world events should be formal but everything else, in my opinion, should be fun, informal, invigorating and personal. What do you think wanderlusters?

Writing for on wanderlusters!

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