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So, now begins the world project on various countries throughout the world, which will eventually cover every country. Some I have been to, some I have not, but I definitely plan on visiting a majority of these. The first country is Seychelles

Beautiful beaches, Creole styled homes, artist studios and French culture, Seychelles is a little known island off the coast of Kenya and northeast of Madagascar. That sounds like wanderlust heaven to me...

The capital is Victoria and there are several languages that are spoken there: French, English and Seselwa Creole French. 

Seychelles consists of many islands- about 115- but the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles gives a list containing approximately 155. Sweet baby Jesus that's alot...and it seems so small on Google Maps...

There are about 42 'granitic' islands: MahéPraslinSilhouette Island,La DigueCurieuseFeliciteFrégate, Ste-Anne, North, Cerf, Marianne, Grand Sœur, Thérèse, Aride, Conception, Petite Sœur, Cousin, Cousine, Long, Récif, Round (Praslin), Anonyme, Mamelles, Moyenne, Île aux Vaches Marines, L'Islette, Beacon (Île Sèche), Cachée, Cocos, Round (Mahé), L'Ilot Frégate, Booby, Chauve Souris (Mahé), Chauve Souris (Praslin), Île La Fouche, Hodoul, L'Ilot, Rat, Souris, St. Pierre (Praslin), Zavé, Harrison Rocks (Grand Rocher).

On the island of Mahe, the annual temperatures range from about 24 to 30 °C or 75 to 86 °F. The coolest of months are between July and August where the lowest temperature is about 75 °F. The hottest months are between December and April, with high temperatures and generally about 80% humidity...not my cup of tea, I am not a big fan of humidity...

For the ladies and especially the feminists out there, Seychelles is matriarchal, meaning the women dominate the house and make the decisions. It is a societal norm for women to be unwed and fathers of children must support their children (financially).

Many of the residents and visitors claim the island(s) have maintained a French inspired culture and a majority of the population derives a French family name. 

So now for the fun stuff...six things you have to do as a wanderluster in Seychelles as according to the UK DailyMail:
1. Bag your own beach
2. Take a hike
3. Birds of Paradise
4. Victoria's secrets
5. A Cadbury treat
6. Sunset strolling

According to The Travel World, the six things you have to do in Seychelles: 
1. Victoria
2. Island Hopping
3. Botanical Garden in Mahe
4. Shark Bank
5. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve
6. Kopolia Peak

Now, if those 12 are just not enough...Virtual Tourist offers you not six but TWOHUNDREDTHIRTYSEVEN thing you HAVE to do in Seychelles. Better get started now!

Now for the food...on the island of Mahe, several of the best restaurants are: Al Mare, La Plaine St. Andrews, Pirates Arms Restaurant, Baobab Pizza, Boat House, Chez Plume and Jardin du Roi Spice Garden.

That concludes post #1 of the new project...enjoy and if any of you wanderlusters have traveled to Seychelles, I would love to hear about it! Happy traveling...or reminiscing! 

The next country will be Laos in southern Asia!

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