Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tomorrow morning, instead of having a mid-term like the rest of my friends, I get to go to Czech Radio for interviews, a tour of the studio and information on a Czech radio station. I'm hoping to make a profile story of the editor-in-chief or at least one of the  main figures at the station. Anytime we go on a field trip to some journalism or communications-focused place I get really excited because I know that one day I will be working in a similar place so I get a little taste of what to expect.

I've always wanted to intern or even work part-time at a radio station during college just to get some wider sense of experience in the journalism field. So, if tomorrow goes well and I like the station, maybe I'll send in my CV to see if I could get a job or at least an internship. 

After my radio visit and mid-term, I will post another one of those random posts about something that interests me, not related to traveling! Until, then it's back to work and night of studying and coffee. 

Ciao and travel on wanderlusters!

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