Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Listen of the night/day: Just One Last Time by David Guetta ft. Taped know I actually had the opportunity to possibly see David Guetta in concert when I was in Rome a month ago. I should have gone, I would love to experience another concert like Swedish House Mafia.

So, my internship emailed me some pretty exciting news tonight that made me get all excited and squeal-y in class tonight. My internship is teaming up with Vanity Fair, you know that super famous women's magazine, and for their 100 Best Dressed issue, they are letting us submit our own street style photos to be considered for the magazine! I will most definitely be taking part in that because I mean how cool would it be to be featured in VANITY FAIR?!

Off to sleep and dream about a nice, warm vacation. Travel on!

P.S. since today was somewhat of an inspiration Tuesday...I should share one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Chiara Ferragni. It's an awesome post that I read over and over again whenever I'm in need of some inspiration. Here it is:

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