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As promised in the Czech Republic post on Saturday, here is the Prague exclusive guide!

You already know that the Czech Republic is the #1 beer drinking country in the world, home to one of the world's best Christmas markets and all that other good stuff. You may also be surprised, when coming to Prague, to see that one second you will see someone driving a Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Audi sport cars or some other mind-blowingly expensive car and then in the next second you will see someone digging in a trash can for food.

So let's get to it!

There are 3 metro lines: a yellow, green and red line; probably one of the easiest metro systems in all of Europe. The main stops are: Karlovo Namesti,, MustekStaroměstskáMalostranskáNamesti Republiky and Florenc is the bus station. If you are coming from the airport, take bus 100 (that's the one I take) to the Zlicin bus/metro station and you can take the yellow line to any of the above yellow. Prague is also split up into different districts, so to speak, so expect addresses to be located in say Prague 5 or Prague 3 or Prague 7 or Prague 2. The main tourist area is located in Prague 1 and Prague 2; Old Town (Staroměstská) and New Town (Nové Město). The closer you are to the center and main tourist destinations, the more expensive you will pay for accommodation, even though Prague is pretty stinkin' cheap compared to other travel destinations throughout the Europe and well, the world.

Just a quick note, try to learn how to properly say where you are staying when it comes time to hail a taxi because usually if you speak English/sound like a tourist, they WILL rip you off BIG TIME.

The national language is Czech; there ARE English speakers but mainly only in the tourist areas and amongst the younger generation or the 100,000+ expats living in Prague.

The currency is Ceska Koruna (Kc). Bills come in 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000. Coins come in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50). In terms of US dollars, 20 kc is about $1.

It would help to know a few basic words before coming to Prague, so you can feel somewhat immersed in the culture (I like to think that makes the whole travel experience that much better).

So, let's start with the basics:

Hello= Ahoj--- ah-hoy
Good day= Dobry den--- duoh-brie-den
Thank you= Dekuji---deck-wee-you.
Please= Prosim--- pro-seam
No= Ne
Yes= Ano--- ah-no
My name is= Me jmeno je--- meh-neh-mo-je
I am from= Jsem z--- je-sem-z
Where is__= Kde je--- grey-je
How much= kolik--- koh-lick

Places to eat in Prague:
1. U Vejvodů
Jilska 4
110 00 Praha 1

2. The Globe
Pštrossova 6
110 00 Praha 1

3. Cafe Louvre

Národní 22

110 00 Praha 1

4. Cross Cafe
5. Mama Coffee
6. Loving Hut
7. Lehka Hlava
Boršov 2/280
110 00 Praha 1

8. Orange Moon or Yam Yam
9. Cafe Slavia
Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2
110 00 Praha 1

10. Triton Restaurant
Václavské Námesti 26
110 00 Praha 1

11. Buddha Bar
Jakubska 8
110 00 Praha 1

12. Můj šálek kávy
Křižíkova 105
Praha 8

13. Francouzska Restaurant

Náměstí Republiky 5 
110 00 Praha 1

14. Dobrá čajovna
15. Celeste Restaurant

Tančící dům, Rašínovo nábřeží 80
Praha 2, 120 00 

Nightlife in Prague...ladies and gentlemen, please, please don't go to Karlovy Lazne every night. It's okay to go one night or not even at all but broaden your horizons and go elsewhere. Also, the pub-crawls are fun but quite expensive when it comes down to it; you will meet tons more people and even the bar-crawlers if you go to these places, which I highly recommend: 
1. Deja Vu
Jakubská 6
110 00 Praha 1

2. Chapeau Rouge
Jakubská 2
110 00 Praha 1

3. Drunken Monkey

4. Propaganda-Vodka Bar
Michalska 12 
110 00 Praha 1 

5. Harley's
Dlouha 18
110 00 Praha 1

6. James Dean
V Kolkovně 1
110 00 Praha 1

7. Zlaty Strom
Kaprova 52/6
110 00 Praha 1

8. Lavka
Novotného lávka 1 
110 00 Praha 1

9. M1
Masna 1
110 00 Praha 1

10. Duplex
Wenceslas Square 21
Praha 1

11. SaSaZu
Bubenské Nábřeží 306
170 04 Praha 7
12. Mecca
U Pruhonu 3
Prague 7

13. Cross Club
Plynární 23
170 00 Praha 7

14. Retro Music Hall
Francouzská 75/4
120 00 Praha 2

15. Roxy
Dlouha 33
110 00 Praha 1

16. Radost FX
Bělehradská 120
120 00 Prague 2

Some other things to do/places to see in Prague include: 
1. Of course, walk across the Charles Bridge and take hundreds of pictures.
2. Climb up to the Prague Castle.
3. Go up to Petrin and look out from the Petrin tower for spectacular views of Prague.
4. Spend a day shopping in the 4 story mall, Palladium.
5. Grab a beer and relax at one of the many beer gardens, Letna is one my friends and I go to.
6. Walk through the tourist-filled streets of Old Town until you reach Old Town Square. Make sure to see the astronomical clock and the little puppet show in the tower at the ring of every new hour.
7. Walk on the main street before Charles Bridge at Malostranska Namesti. Walk down and around Charles Bridge as well.
8. Take a paddle boat ride on the river for an hour with a cold beer in hand and happiness in your heart.
9. Have a picnic at Kampa Park and view the various statues/art they have there.
10. Take a thumbs up (or thumbs down) picture with the Kafka Statue.
11. Wander over to the Jewish Quarters.
12. Get holy at the Spanish Synagogue.
13. Sit on the wall of the Vysehrad Castle and hope you don't fall.
14. Aimlessly wander around the beautiful Vinohrady neighborhood.
15. Go vintage, go second-hand at one of Prague's many vintage and thrift stores.
16. Ride on Europe's (well, for the countries in the EU) longest metro escalator at Namesti Miru.
17. Smell the beautiful Czech nature at Stromovka park.
18. Visit a strip club...Prague loves these.
19. Spend a few hours Antonin Dvorak Museum or the National Gallery.
20. Shop a little, grab a coffee, sit in a tram cafe, take some pictures at Wenceslas Square.

Hope this helps all you wanderlusters coming to Prague anytime soon. Enjoy my city for it's the Golden City aka one of the world's most beautiful! 

Travel on wanderlusters!

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