Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A site that I recently discovered and am LOVING. More than loving, obsessed. They have special "Editor Picks" aaaand international shipping- score! Plus, their pieces are beyond gorgeous; it satisfies the fashion guru in me.

Here are 15 things I love on the site currently:
1. Clear Chain Bag $69.00
2. Herves Lime Bandage Dress $129.00
3. Philip's Lace Dress $69.00
4. Low Back Ruched Dress $89.00
5. Balmania Metallic Vest $149.00 (MY FAVORITE...cannot emphasize how much I love this).
6. Balmania Jewelled Jacket $159.00 (MY OTHER FAVORITE)
7. Structured Orgnaza Blouse $49.00
8. Mesh Line Silk Top in pink $48.00
9. Balenchic Medium Moto Bag in dark grey $89.00
10. Neon Silk Cord Necklace $38.00
11. Layered Resin Necklace $48.00-
12. Laurel Ear Cuff $49.00
13. Riveted High Top Sneakers $49.00
14. Round Mirror Sunglasses in yellow $32.00
15. Geometric Scarf $29.00

There's your fashion fix of the day! If you want to just browse the website on your own, here's the link.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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