Friday, May 17, 2013


I came across this article regarding the bizarre ways that people commute to and from either work or school. I found this funny because I remember back in high-school, the dad of one of my former best friends' took a kayak to work EVERY morning, regardless of the weather!

So, if you are bored of either taking public transportation to work (like I did when I moved to Prague) or driving to work and getting stuck in traffic (been there, done that too) then here are some other alternatives:

1. Kayak, canoe or paddle-boat to work.
2. Ski or snowboard (if you live in say, Alaska or a region where snow is common).
3. Zipline (the example in the article was in Colombia, South America).
4. Skateboard or longboard.
5. Bike- regardless of the miles. One man bikes 40 MILES every day!
6. Run- again, regardless of the miles. One man runs 10 miles EACH WAY!
7. Unicycle there...if you are that talented.

Hope this makes Friday a little more enjoyable and you have a new way to work starting next Monday! I finished working last Sunday so this is the first Friday I have had off since February, cue the Harlem Shake style dancing.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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