Monday, May 6, 2013


Where the weather isn't wonderful but it isn't horrible. Granted, it's May so it should be sunny and warm everyday, but if you live in Eastern/Central Europe you know that's a common wish amongst people here. I, myself, am not used to having semi-warm weather in May, where I grew up in the States it is warm starting mid-April so this is sort of a weather-shock to me. I'm dreaming of warm air and sunny days (Barcelona in almost exactly a month, EEP!)

I'm spending the rest of the afternoon sitting on my balcony, sipping on some Vitamin C-mix drink to prevent from catching the spring bug, listening to Ashtrays and Heartbreak, writing my final College Fashionista post of the semester AAAAND finishing last minute university work. So, it looks like I am doing a lot but being outside makes it seem like nothing at all...I'm okay with that! I probably am breaking some windows and eardrums with my sad attempt at singing along but hey, that's a chance I am willing to take.

For all you dedicated readers out there, you know how I talked about the book I am writing a few weeks ago? Well...I've hit another writer's block. That's the only negative side of being a writer, you frequently have such creative ideas that you cannot wait to get down on paper (or into the computer now-a-days) that when you do, you write so quickly and when you look back you think "what the hell was I thinking?" So, I've been editing and perfecting the last four chapters for about a month now and cannot get past chapter 4 to start chapter 5. Therefore, I am taking a little writing break for now but will definitely start soon and post a little teaser before I send it off to some publishers.

Now enough about my writing problems and as promised, I am including my fashion bit at the very end of the post (starting this week and will be once or twice a week). Basically, just three pieces I am loving at the moment that I want to share with all of you!
So, this week ladies:
1. Faux leather overalls 
2. Hologram sandals
3. White maxi dresses

1. Washed denim jacket
2. Neon chinos
3. Ombre v-necks

The Czech Republic post will go live Wednesday morning, which is also the birthday of one of my very dear friends here in the Czech Republic so a little shout-out to her will be made in the beginning!

Travel on wanderlusters!

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