Friday, May 10, 2013


Are any of you wanderlusters an applicant to live on Mars...because there are about 78,000 people who have signed up!

It's almost like applying to college; you apply, send in a 1 minute video on why YOU deserve to be selected, send in an application fee (varies from country to country) then anxiously await approval. If you are selected (in 2015) amongst around 40 others, you begin a training course for the next seven years which then leads the selection of 4-6 finalists who will then take a one-way trip to Mars.

So, what do you think about this whole "leaving Earth forever and populating Mars as the Red Colonists" thing?

Sounds pretty cool but also pretty scary...for those of you hardcore travelers, this might be the perfect opportunity for you or maybe just stick to Earth for now.

Traveling with wanderlust!

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