Sunday, May 5, 2013


Summer is just around the corner and many people, families, college students alike all want to travel during the warmer months...there's just one problem: it needs to be cheap because it's all about budgeting now-a-days. Well, if you are in America this summer and traveling with your family, this post is for you!

1. Carlsbad, California

2. Deep Creek, Delaware (I added this one myself because it's a great camping place!)

3. Chicago, Illinois

4. Orcas Island, Washington

5. Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

6. Niagara Falls, New York/Canada

7. Ocean City, Maryland

8. Jersey Shore, New Jersey

9. Crater Lake, Oregon

10. Lake Clark, Alaska

11. Lake Michigan, Michigan/Wisconsin/Indiana/Illinois

12. Denali Park, Alaska

Tomorrow, the Iceland post will be up in the wee hours of the morning so you can read all about the country with a name that does not fit the country's physical description (Iceland is actually GREEN and not of ICE, while Greenland is ICE and not of GREEN).

Travel on wanderlusters!

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