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Are another topic, whom present us with an extremely controversial opinions, which I feel strongly about.

Okay so, I'm going to share some stories with you all...again, a nice little break from travel posts, right?

The first time I visited a psychic was about 12 years ago when I was about 6 years old. Crazy, right? Well, my dad was doing a website for this one psychic woman who was well known in my state. So, we drove about 4 hours to her house so my dad could talk to her and set up what she wanted for the website. She asked me if I wanted a free reading...again, I was 6 years old at the time and had a vague idea what she did for a living and from what I had heard, psychics were cool!

Before I get into more detail, I want to say that when I was younger, I had very, extremely vivid dreams, that were repetitive, of events that happened anywhere from 200-700 years prior. I have never learned about these time periods in school and what existed/what was typical of these time periods so these dreams were incredible because looking back, they composed of everything those time periods were known for (again, I had no previous knowledge so to be dreaming of this was unexplainable).

I remember this experience (visiting the psychic) as one of my few lasting childhood memories. Anyways, it started by her asking me to turn over my hands so that my palms would face her. Over the next 30 minutes she told me a variety of things. From what I remember, she told me I would be working in the arts/writing career one day. I remember that I wanted to be a vet or children's doctor of some sort at the time so I was in denial. Plus, I hated the way I drew, painted and wrote so I was pretty confused. She told me I would have 3 children and marry the love of my life. I would face more hardships in coming years and there was to be a significant amount of change in my life. The rest, I unfortunately do not remember, but in the end I asked her about my dreams. I remember her being so surprised and amazed that I could explain such detailed, vivid dreams. She explained to me in the simplest way and in a way that would not freak me out that "my spirit" lived in numerous time periods, one in the 1700s where I was a young entertainer in large events another in the era of King Arthur and I was one of his assistants so-to-speak.

Now, get ready for the freaky part...my dad and her kept in contact for the next several years when one day they were talking and she told him she had a strong feeling she was going to pass soon. Of course my dad was confused and just let things go. Well, about a week later, he got another phone call. This time, it was a friend of the psychic informing my dad that she was found passed away in her bed due to heart failure or some complication of that sort. Mind-blowing, right? Sounds like it's one of those fake stories but I promise you this happened.

Fast forward to present day and what she has predicted in terms of hardships and change could not have been more accurate. I am also now pursuing a career in writing after a certain hardship. So, is it a coincidence or did she see my near future and accurately predict it?

There's another story, well two more that I will briefly sum up.
About 5 years ago, I went to another psychic. My dad had tried numerous psychics over the years but never really felt it was as legitimate as the first...until he finally met one...in the middle of a mall. In the last place you would expect it right? He said he was walking by and the woman summoned him over. He sat down and she began telling him his entire life story over the next hour and she predicted his future. Every exact thing she has told him, has happened since then. I am not even joking. He has gone to her over the last few years and the most recent visit about 2 years ago, she told him that someone who has been in his life for about 20 years will reconnect with him and they will get married. My dad laughed out loud and denied that would ever happen (my dad was very set on being alone the rest of his life). Well, a little over a year ago, he told me he had a girlfriend and they were most likely going to get married. I said, "Dad, you barely know this woman...what are you talking about?" He said, "No, Shelli, I've known her for 17 years, I had feelings for her way back when but it was very subtle and now we just recently reconnected, she emailed me, and we've been dating for several months." My mind went back to when my dad came home that night from the psychic and told me about what had been predicted (at the time, he was newly divorced and the very suggestion was so far-fetched).

However, that was my dad's story with her...my experience with her is scary accurate as well. The first time I went to THIS psychic was when I was first starting high-school. I still did not have any idea what I wanted to do with my life but I was set on going to college somewhere on the west coast. When I sat down, she turned over my palms and read them aloud. She said that hardship and change is yet to come, I will experience a lot in the next few years (as said above, shortly after this is when many changes and hardships began happening to me). She told me I would be attending school somewhere far away from home and would meet the love of my life when I was 18 years old. She said I would have 3 children, a career in the arts/writing, I would be well-off, travel often and be married only once. I would have a better life after leaving for college and I would live a very long life without any disease or sickness. Phew, relief. I was petrified that she would give me some earth-shattering news about my future. At the end, she emphasized most of this would happen IF I kept on the "same path" and that my future would change IF I made any "life-changing decisions." Whatever that meant, I thought at the time. I was content and thought, "Damn, I meet the love of my life in 4 years...better start getting ready!"

Now, for the grand finale. If you have been reading from the start, you know that my decision, my "life-changing" decision, to move to Prague was very spontaneous and was one of my wake-up-in-the-morning-revelations. My entire life changed in a matter of seconds after waking up one morning and deciding to move to Europe and start fresh. It was only a year or two before that I discovered my life passion for writing and traveling. So, towards the very end of my senior year of high-school, I told my friends that we were going to go visit this psychic. They heard the stories previous so they were either excited to get their futures told or extremely scared. When we got there, I asked the woman for a palm reading, she didn't even look up (I looked very, very, very different, so even if she did look up there would be no way of recognizing me and she did not have my name or any contact info). I put down my $10 bill and turned my palms over. She told me my entire life story, a story that about only 4 people on this Earth know and is so very complicated and complex that no one, I mean no one, could ever in a million years just guess by looking at me. My jaw dropped but I remembered that it's best not to show emotion. After she told me my life story, she looked up and asked me if it was true. I nodded, hiding the amazement in my eyes. She then sighed and I thought, "Jesus Christ what is it". She said, "I see you have been treated poorly by men in your life, you let them treat you this way and I don't like that, I see who you are. Kind, giving, nurturing, warm, you do not deserve this treatment. Please do not let this continue." Again, I was mind-blown. How did she know about my personal relationships? She then said that aside from that I had a good future and she proceeded to tell me, rather give me a guide line as to what is in store. She said, "I see big, very big travel plans and a big move is coming up very soon. Am I right?" Amazed, I nodded, numb to my astonished emotions. She went on, "You will feel refreshed and happier than you have in years when you finally move. You need this move. You deserve this move. I see good things coming from this move. You spontaneously decided this." True, so very true. She went on to tell me that at about 28 years old, I would meet the love of my life (a tall, dark haired, tan skinned, green eyed human god...okay, not human god but you get it, attractive, caring man) who I would stay with for the rest of my life. She said I would make more money than him (woo-hoo) which will at first cause some issues but overall we would have a happy, successful marriage. I would have 3 kids (I want to have about 4 of my own and adopt) so I interjected and asked about any adoption. She said, "I see you want to but in the end you will not end up adopting." I was bummed out, but I mean that doesn't mean I won't adopt a child still. She told me that the next 10 years of my life will be spent working hard for my future career in writing and spent traveling the world, hopping from place to place often so she couldn't see a specific place where I settled down, it was "unclear due to frequent travels." After settling down, she said she saw me on TV, hosting/anchoring for a show (I am not so good with public speaking), I was surprised by this but pleased nonetheless. She finished by saying that money would not be a worry, I would love my career and be fulfilling my dreams, no disease or sickness was visible in myself or my family and that I would live a very long, healthy and happy (after moving) life.

My friends then got their palms read and had the same reaction: mind-blown. Each of our futures were very different and our life stories vary drastically so to pinpoint 5 different people's life stories and futures in a matter of minutes is just unexplainable if she were a fake. This emphasized my belief in this specific psychic.

So, will all of this happen? Who knows, I mean, I sure hope so! What she has predicted SO FAR has been spot on, without a doubt correct and she told me my life story which makes me believe that there ARE real psychics out there, her being one of the very few. Granted, there are MANY fake ones who will tell you any random thing but I believe if you take the time (several years and numerous test sessions with other psychics, like my dad) you CAN find a legit one, especially in the most unlikely of places. Seriously, who would ever think that a legit psychic would be sitting under an umbrella in a mall? No one. Maybe that's her secret though...

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