Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The past few days have been filled with sun, warm breezes and good company. Therefore, I have been MIA, yet again, my deepest apologizes!

The end of the spring semester (I only have 4 semester left...what?!) is quickly approaching so the pressure is on and I'm trying to knock all my work out as soon as possible. Also, since I am moving to another flat within the next month, I am trying to keep the stress down.
With the flowers blooming and weather, it's becoming increasingly harder to do so because there are one too many temptations just drop it all and head to the beer garden or the park with my girls. Nothing beats Czech beer either, so the temptation is unbelievable. I keep telling myself to get my work done, study for my finals then I can enjoy Czech beer while walking across Charles Bridge and attempt to tan my extremely pale skin...pretty sure I could blind someone at this point in time...

For my fashion internship with CollegeFashionista, I have been busy typing away various articles on the adorable spring wardrobes of students around campus. My recent articles have inspired me to share a cute look with the ladies who read Traveling with Wanderlust. This season I am loving skater skirts, studded/spiked sandals and graphic tees. I need to get back home to America for the summer so I can stock up at Forever 21!

I am going to work on the last part of the Italy post this evening then I will write a post (the following day), that is somewhat personal, about how I discovered my passion for writing. I love sharing this story with others and actually wrote a book on it that I sent to publishers...still waiting to hear back from several. So, you will get to read a little about me- a break from daily travel posts.

Back to class- travel on wanderlusters!

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