Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am so glad to be writing again, I went a little M.I.A the last few days because I have an insane amount of school work, research papers, projects and presentations all due in coming weeks. The pressure and stress is on full blast. Helpppp...

To bring you up to date: I didn't get the travel magazine collaboration I wanted but it's okay. It just means there will another door opening soon enough.

I also wanted to write about the Boston Marathon explosions. I had a dear family friend running in the race and finished just 10 minutes before the blasts went off. I was in sheer panic when I found out and was messaging her if she was okay and she wasn't answering. Turns out, she was okay just trying to make sure her other friends in the race were okay. It was a horrible event on a day that was supposed to be celebratory day for many people from Massachusetts and those from all over that ran in the marathon. However, as horrible and devastating this event was, I really want to emphasize the importance of horrors and devastating events in other countries of the world. For example, the earthquake that killed many citizens in Iran in recent days. The tragedies occurring in Somalia, Iraq, China and so on.
My personal opinion is that the news/media/the rest of the world does not give enough focus to other tragedies happening in the world. Unless it affects the States, it generally does not make headlines which is really sad and especially for me as an aspiring journalist or writer. What do you think about this topic? Pretty controversial, right? Some people get angry at me when I suggest the other problems in the world and how they do not get enough attention in the mass media. Again, just my personal opinion so I hope I did not offend any Americans or anyone affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Also, I came across this article just now and it made me pretty sad to read this. That faults and crimes committed by the mentally ill are affecting the daily lives of every citizen in the United States.

I promise, pinky promise, that I will work on the Italy post either tonight or tomorrow morning so I can have it to all you wanderlusters on Friday morning.

It's one of my good friend's birthday today so we are off for a night with the girls in the beautiful weather.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and travel on wanderlusters!

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