Monday, April 29, 2013


For those of you who have not yet turned into the morning news, there was an explosion here in Prague this morning (about 10:00 AM our time). I was just leaving the gym around 9:45-9:50 and began walking towards the tram that would've taken me to the exact spot where the explosion went off at about 9:58-10:00- meaning I would've been in the blast. However, last minute, I had a strong gut feeling to turn around and take the metro. I was fighting with myself for about 30 seconds because I really wanted to take the tram so I could grab some fresh fruit on the way to my second class of the day at uni. I, luckily, followed my gut and decided to turn around and take the metro to school.

I got to my library building at about 9:54-9:56 and sat down. When I sat down, I suddenly felt the whole building and floor shake beneath me. What followed after was like out of a movie- an incredibly loud booming noise that shook the city, people running and screaming, trams screeching to a stop, sirens in all directions, helicopters and utter chaos. I was extremely alarmed thinking the city was being attacked when my Facebook blew up with worried friends and family asking if I was okay- I was so confused as to what just happened and then I found out that an explosion just in eyesight's view went the exact spot I would've been either the exact moment the explosion went off or just minutes after. The city was in panic-mode as sirens continued to go off and people frantically running around everywhere trying to call friends and family who might of been there but were cut off by the overloaded phone lines. A lot of phones in the city actually lost service (mine did after calling my friends and family). We were not sure whether it was a bombing attack or a gas explosion for the first 20 or so minutes which was absolutely terrifying. I had the urge to go home and stay home for the rest of the day but my friends assured me it was all going to be okay and that it was just a gas explosion. Indeed, it was just a gas explosion- the buildings here in Prague are hundreds of years old so it is common that gas explosions occur from time to time, but it had not happened in the central area of Prague before- that injured about 40-50 people; leaving people trapped and blinded by the dust.

The city has calmed down but that first hour sounded straight out of a movie- an experience I will never forget. People are rushing to the other end of Prague though, in fear that there will be another explosion...I think we are okay though, but knock on wood. My roommate actually got interviewed by a reporter for a newspaper- cool stuff!

So, I guess the lesson of the day is: Always, ALWAYS follow your gut feeling/instinct....Had I not, I could have been spending my afternoon in the hospital with bandages wrapped around me.

For those of you who were affected or knew someone affected by the explosion here in Prague this morning, my thoughts are with you and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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