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This south-eastern island country that borders Indonesia, Thailand and Signapore is home to almost 29 million people and the capital is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is split up in two islands, one that  borders Thailand, Singapore and west Indonesia, while the other border east Indonesia. The local language is Malaysian and the currency is called Malaysian ringgit. The national flag resembles the American flag except for where the white stars are, there is a yellow sun and crescent moon. The national religion is mainly Islam but there are also a number of Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and Christians.

In the city's capital, Kuala Lumpur, make the most of your stay by:
1. Break your neck looking up at the Petronas Towers. 
2. Take a ride up to the Genting Highlands for entertainment, hotels and Malaysia's only casino-it's on top of a mountain...whaaaaat.
3. Venture into the Batu Caves.
4. Get out of bed in the middle of the night (or just look from your hotel room) at the Kuala Lumpur Tower.
5. Make fish faces at the glass in the Aquaria KLCC. 
6. Be cautious not to get pecked on in the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.
7. Feel the adrenaline rush at Cosmo's World.
8. Visit the National Mosque of Malaysia, Jamek Mosque or the Federal Territory Mosque.
9. Spend a gloomy day in the National Museum or the National History Museum. 
10. Work on your fitness, rather watch other people work on their fitness, at the many sports stadiums.
11. Wander over to the Sin Sze Si Ya Temple or the Thean Hou Temple.
12.'Ommmmmm' at the Buddhist Maha Vihara.
13. Climb the Bukit Tabur hill. 
14. Shop and get lost in Bukit Bintang.
15. Stop at each and every one of the little stands in Central Market.
16. Indulge in some banana-leaf dining at Raju. 
17. Visit the Islamic Arts Museum for a day of historic art. 
18. Get them to play that funky music or slow it down with some relaxing jazz at No Black Tie.
19. Little Italy? No, Little India!
20. Sleep in luxury at The Traders Hotel..and take a dip in the awesome pool!

Kuala Lumpur is not the only great thing about Malaysia, there are other places that scream 'come here, come here, you will enjoy it, promise!' These places include: 
1. Penang
2. Cameron Highland
3. Taman Negara: a rainforest where you can track elephants. Nothing more needs to be said. I can smell the fresh air and trees already.
4. Melaka: a Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish inspired city with beautiful architecture.
5. Sarawak and Sabah: climb the huuuuge mountain, eat great seafood and scuba dive in 'scuba diving heaven' at the Sipadan Island.
6. Pulau Redang, Perhentian, Kapas or Tioman: go snorkeling, scuba diving, explore the coral reefs and watch a beautiful sunset.
7. Langkawi: on this island, visit Eagle Square or the Perdana gallery.
8. Putrajaya: visit the lake or the botanic garden or visit the mosque. There are also nine bridges here that draw attention from tourists.

In Penang
1. Visit the Kek Lok Si temple.
2. Trek up Penang Hill.
3. Ward of winter paleness with tan at the Batu Ferringhi beach.
4. Take a stroll on the little Indian street.
5. Find out if there really are slithery snakes at Snake Temple.
6. Munch on some Penang local food: Asam Laksa (spicy and sour noodle soup); Hokkien Mee (prawn noodle); Koay Chap (duck noodle soup); Penang Char Koay Teow (fried flat rice noodle) or Chen (oyster omelette). 
6. 'Ooh and ahh' at the pretty architecture throughout Penang.

In the Cameron Highland
1. Go to a tea plantation and drink up!
2. Enjoy a meal on the river via a steamboat. 
3. Play, who would've thunk that?
4. Smell the variety of flowers and try not to prick your finger too hard against at the cactus plantation.

Honestly, after looking at some Malaysian food pictures, I am drooling. I love any type of Asian food (Thai is my absolute favorite) and my craving has now kicked in! I think I know what is for dinner tonight...Have any of you been to Malaysia? What do you recommend?

The next post will be on: Italy (I love me some Rome...and everything about/in that beautiful city).

Travel on wanderlusters!

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