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So, I decided to cut up Italy into several posts, a northern and southern, because it is just such a beautiful country which so many places to visit and things to do. Therefore, it deserved multiple posts. So, the first post is on...half....of northern half of Italy. Tongue twister?
Get ready for a looooong post and TONS of pictures!

Some cities in the northern half of Italy that many tourists run to include: Trieste, Venice, Verona, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Florence, San Marino, Siena and Assini. I'll only talk about Venice, Verona, Turin and Bologna today. Tomorrow I will talk about Pisa, Florence, San Marino and Siena. So...let's get the ball rollin!

Venice. Carnival. Gondolas. Romance. Water. Happiness. I have always loved the thought of Venice. I have yet to go but hopefully will make it there for Carnival in the beginning of 2014.

If you are visiting Venice, be sure pretty much know but I will tell you anyways:
1. Land, land, land! Walk around Piazza San Marco
2. Go on a gondola ride in the Grand Canal
3. Snap one too many photos at the Rialto Bridge.
4. Gander at the beautiful Saint Mark's Basilica or the Santa Maria della Salute.
5. All hail land on the island Murano. 
6. Brace your ears for an opera at Teatro la Fenice.
7. Feel like a king or queen at Doge's Palace. 
8. Get holy at: San Stae; Santi Giovanni e Paolo; San Samuele; Santa Maria Zobenigo; San Sebastiano; San Francesco della Vigna; San Cassiano; Santa Maria dei Miracoli; Santa Maria Formosa; San Rocco; Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari or San Zaccaria...these buildings are absolutely jaw-dropping.
9. Grab an Italian coffee at Caffe Florian.
10. Sail past the Palazzo Grassi, Ca'd'Oro, Ca' Rezzonico, Ca' Pesaro, Palazzo Cavalli-
11. Visit the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Scuola Grane di San Rocco, Dorsoduro and the Ponte della Costituzione.
12. Feast on Venetian dishes at: Trattoria Corte Sconta; Antiche Carampane; Osteria Alla Vedova; Osteria Mocenigo; al Covo or Fiaschetteria Toscana.
13. It only makes sense to eat seafood in a city by the sea, get crackin at Hostaria Da Franz.
14. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Pasticceria Tonolo and Pasticceria Rizzardini (cannoli, chocolate and regular flavor!) or grab a gelato at Da Nico (caramel or pistachio gelato is the best!)

In Verona...have you seen the cute movie Letters to Juliet? Ever since watching that movie, I have wanted to go...anywho, be sure to: 
1. Climb the stairs...or The Verona Arena.
2. "Romeo, Romeo" for you Shakespeare readers out there, visit Juliet's balcony.
3. Break your neck looking up at the beautiful ceiling and arches in the Verona Cathedral.
4. Get holy at the San Zeno church.
5. Walk around the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe. 
6. Visit the Castelvecchio and go under...or over...the Scaligero Bridge.
7. Drink some authentic Italian wine at Osteria del Bugiardo. 
8. See a show at the Roman Theatre.
9. Smells the flowers and see the city in a new view at the Giardio Giusti.
10. Spend a day in at the Casa di Guilietta or the Museo di Castelvecchio. 
11. Shop, dine, wine, etc., at Oreste dal Zovo.
12. Go out and party with the Italians at M27. 
13. Square. Heaven. Go check it out and find out for yourselves.
14. Grab some authentic Italian grub at: Il Desco; Osteria al Carro Armato; Bottega del Vino; Trattoria all'Isolo or Al Pompiere.
15. Grab a beer at Caffe Antica Osteria al Duomo or dance the night away at Teatro Filarmonico. 

Turin, which in the very northern part of Italy: 
1. Visit the Mole Antonelliana or the city's symbol. 
2. Walk around Castle Square. 
3. Visit Palazzo Madama.
4. Spend a few hours in the Antique Art Museum.
5. Say a prayer at the Turin Cathedral and the Chapel of Holy Shroud.
6. Walk like an Egyptian at the Egyptian Museum. 
7. Visit the beautiful Castle and Park of Valentino.
8. Grab a gelato at Grom...they have green tea flavor- one of my other favorites!
9. Drink a cup of joe at Fiorio or grab a bite to eat at Sfashion or Porta di Savona. 
10. Give your arms a workout by shopping in McArthur Glen. 

Baloney? No, silly Bologona
1. Wander around Piazza Maggiore. 
2. Put on a pair of sunglasses when you look up at the Two Towers of Bologna.
3. Visit the beautiful Teatro Comunale di Bologna for an opera show.
4. Forgive your sins at Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, Bologna Cathedral or San Giacomo Maggiore. 
5. Visit the San Petronio Basilica. 
6. NEPTUNEEEEE. Go visit him in the Piazza Nettuno. 
7. See some art at Palazzo d'Accursio or at the Bologna Museum of Modern Art.
8. Visit one of the city's most important buildings: Archiginnasio of Bologna.
9. This is monastery Anyways, just go to Certosa di Bologna.
10. Be royal, be great but don't get treated like it at Palazzo dei Notai. 
11. Nom nom nom at Trattoria Fantoni, Drogheria della Rosa or Osteria de' Poeti.
12. Get your drink on at Godot Wine Bar.
13. You scream, I scream, we all scream for...gelato at La Sorbetteria Castiglione.
14. Rainy day and you have already been to the other museums? No problem, try the Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore.
15. Where the most "beautiful people in the world" drink their coffee and eat yummies...Cafe le Palais.

Tomorrow will be the remainder of the northern half of Italy's beauties and then the following day will be southern Italy. I hope you all are dreaming of Italy like I sure am now! 

Travel on wanderlusters!

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