Friday, April 5, 2013


Will spring ever come? I'm sitting in my bed, eating yummy chocolate that my co-worker got for me one late night shift last weekend, listening to Helena by Foster the People and just staring out my window, wondering: Will spring ever come?

I really hope it starts next week because it would be lovely to have a mid-day picnic on Kampa island...and a perfect picture opportunity for you wanderlusters to see some of the hidden beauties in Prague.

My last few days have been filled with utter nothing because my friends are home for spring break or just simply busy so I have been going solo the past few days. I miss my friends and actually interacting with people...I feel somewhat of a grinch up in an isolated mountain.
Only a few more days though. I've been working on my book, which is the greatest fun for me but also very, very tedious. You start writing then read over what you wrote and decide to change it to something better, then the process starts over. This happens about 15 times, so now I am only on chapter 4 after about 2 weeks. I keep reminding myself that progress takes times.

Other than that, just me, some movies, bad Indian food that I ate last night and copious amounts of coffee and tea...oh, and work. Which I have in a few hours...can't I just not work and focus on writing a book and blog? I wish.

I know that I wrote about having a meeting with a travel editor, but it was rescheduled for next week due to my hearing issues so news on that will come shortly! I also want to start doing vlogs every once in awhile. I just need to find the time to do it! I'm hoping that by the end of this year, I will have started a vlog and have also broadened the horizons of Traveling with Wanderlust.

Lastly, I know travels have been dry but I promise, pinky promise, that once May comes, there will be plenty of good travel posts coming your way. From May-June, expect posts from: Switzerland, Budapest (Hungary), Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain). When I get back to the States in June, I plan to make some summer trips: Chicago, Canada, down South, Arizona and hopefully California- that all is still to be determined. When August comes around, my family will be coming to Prague for a few weeks so we will be traveling around the Czech Republic then for my birthday trip in following weeks we are looking at either going to Morocco or St. Petersburg.

Before moving to Uruguay in March 2014, I am really pushing to visit either Thailand, China or Japan. We shall see though and that my friends is the beauty of traveling- anything is subject to change, making the experience even more interesting.

Well, I'm off to start writing the New Zealand post, travel on wanderlusters! I want to thank each and every one of you amazing readers, from all over the world for taking the time to read what I have to say and share. The readership numbers have skyrocketed in just one month and readership has expanded from just two main countries to so many different places, it's mind-boggling to think that someone in a far, far away country, big or small, is reading what I am writing. Amazing and thank you so much! It's appreciated to know that people like what I have to say and come back :)

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