Friday, April 26, 2013


I have been enjoying the bliss of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing the past few days. There's that little angel on my shoulder urging me to: "GO WRITE THE ITALY POST, DO IT, DO IT!" But the devil on the other side is telling me to just relax, go with the flow, you can do it later.

Well, today I have a day off from work for the first time since starting in February so I get to spend my day at the gym then at the park with friends and then finally at my university's annual ball. Not sure how excited I am...I have been to enough homecomings and proms in my day but hey, why not see what this dance has to offer. The venue is amazingly beautiful and in Vinohrady, a beautiful neighborhood here in Prague (we actually looked at flats there). Okay, so maybe I am excited...I'll share pictures with all you wanderlusters in tomorrow's post.

If we backtrack to Wednesday evening, I got out of my last class for the week and one of the last of the semester, so I ran home (literally, because the trams were broken), grabbed my roommate and we headed to the river for a paddle-boat ride. When we finally got there, we had to walk a long ways because the trams were not working, we bought ourselves a nice Plzen beer and got to paddling. As we were on the river, the sun was setting behind the Prague Castle and it was just one of those "lucky to be alive" moments. Breathtaking actually. My roommate and I were laughing about how if we got sucked into the fast waters, it would be okay because at least we got to see a beautiful sunset in Prague on the river (god forbid that actually happened though, I would be a woman overboard!)

Of course, we took one too many pictures so here are some of my favorites:

As we walked, I was amazed that I felt like I was actually walking somewhere in New York and Paris. It was as if we discovered an entirely new Prague. We also found out that where we are moving to, there is a lovely jazz club on the water with delicious smelling food just around the corner from the flat. SCORE.

If these photos do not make you want to move to Prague or at least crazy! Then again, maybe it isn't for everyone. If you do ever come to Prague, wanderlusters, make sure to take a paddle-boat ride on the river; for one hour it is 250kc, which is about $12 USD aka worth every single penny.

Off to the gym and the rest of today's shenanigans!

Travel on wanderlusters!

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