Sunday, April 14, 2013


Every Thursday to Sunday when I am on the metro escalator heading into work, I pass by a poster that says 'There is no place like Australia', I smile and think to myself, "I will be living there in just two or three years." Seeing that poster makes going into work that much easier. 

As much as I love university...correction: university life, not the school work and Prague, I am so eager to move to Australia (Melbourne) and live there for the rest of my life. 

I am starting to work on the Malaysia post so expect it tomorrow morning! I also came across this article the other night: 'Forbidden travel destinations that you can visit', hmmmm. 

On the list was
1. Cuba
2. North Korea...maybe you do not want to go there now but you can actually go there with the right, authorized paperwork. About 1/3 of the 2,000 annual tourists are American. 
3. Myanmar
4. Iran

I once took a Google Maps trip to North Korea, I could only see one area but still, cool stuff!

Have any of you been to these locations, if so what did you think and would you recommend it to other wanderlusters?

Travel on wanderlusters!

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