Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Well, I'm embarrassed, I made a little bit of an oopsie in the last post...oops. My mind was somewhere else! I won't point it out and it's been rightfully fixed.

I spent the better half of my night in the hospital. Reason? I lost partial hearing in my right ear last and today I completely lost it. I know why it happened but I won't go into that for everyone's sanity. As unpleasant as my experience was on that operating table, I can hear clearer now, the water and etc is's going to be a great, earful weekend. Corny, I know.

I was sitting in the waiting room with my friend joking about writing a post about things to do in a Czech emergency room while you wait and wait and wait. I swear, for producing some of the best doctors in the world, their 'customer service' aspect is quite horrible. Anyways, here is what we came up with:
1. Play flipcup with your cheap, hospital coffee cup
2. Fold up your waiting ticket in different animals and shapes
3. Make paper airplanes with your waiting ticket
4. Stare at your feet and make weird noises
5. Play with your fingers
6. Play telephone with your cheap, hospital coffee cup
7. Talk to yourself
8. Daydream
10. Stare at the walls so you look like a psychopath
11. Make random farting noises
12. Stare at something until your eyes burn
13. Walk up and down the aisles then do cartwheels
14. Crawl on the floor and pretend to be a toddler
15. Fall asleep with your neck in a weird position since the chairs are horrible
16. Sit in the bathroom and do nothing
17. Talk like yourself, or the wall...whichever you prefer
18. Just laugh and laugh till you get rock hard abs
19. Do squats or push-ups in an open area
20. Do nothing, nothing at all.

Once you do a majority of these, or maybe even all, you will be called and helped...or maybe you will just have to wait even longer. Who knows now-a-days!

Right now, I'm getting educated on the world of journalism and TV broadcasting from Anchorman, a classic that I have not yet seen. Tomorrow I will begin the New Zealand post and have it for you all!

My days of doing absolutely nothing and relaxing are no more, it's back to the hustle and grind of work tomorrow then the last few weeks of university. Plus, some meetings with a travel magazine (had to reschedule) and InStyle Magazine. Fun stuff!

Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. For those you wanderlusters mainly concerned with safety when traveling (like myself in some cases) this article and map will help you out! --I was happy to see all the countries I have so far lived in to be considered the world's safest and the country I will soon be temporarily moving to (Uruguay) to be on the list, as well.

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