Wednesday, January 30, 2013

La Vita Dolce en Italia!

Ciao from Rome wanderlusters!

I have been so busy exploring and eating gelato and pasta that I didn't have time to blog!

Within my first hour in Rome, I almost got into a sketchy situation with a sketchy cab driver...Taken 3? Quite possibly. Then, I proceeded to wait at the bus stop and get serenaded by a 50-60 year old man who persistently invited me to come over so that he could continue to serenade me. Hmm, no thank you!

After finally getting to my friends out, we relaxed, went out for some authentic Italian dinner then out to a bar for some drinks. First night in Rome was a success but the next morning...not so much. Later in the afternoon though, I had my first REAL Italian gelato, pistachio, my favorite! Then in the evening we went to the Colosseum and walked around the busy streets of Rome.

But then...I started to feel sick. I swear whenever I travel, I begin to feel sick. Then again, it could be the different temperatures/climates. So, I stayed in from going out and slept which made me feel a lot better this morning. Today we just grabbed some free coffee, relaxed and rested. However, tomorrow we are headed downtown Rome and to the Trevi excited!!

Once my trip is over (Monday), I will post more about Rome, what happened and some reviews on places we went to...and other shenanigans.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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