Friday, January 25, 2013

I sleep, I sleep, I sleep.

It most definitely is hibernation season...or maybe I am just a college student who got used to a messed up sleep schedule? I went to bed last night several hours earlier than I have been for the past week...only to wake up 12 hours later at 13:20 (1:20pm)! I have slept between 12 and 15 hours every day for the last week, except for yesterday when I had the job interview. Still, I can't sleep like this in Rome or I will literally sleep my vacation away! On the bright-side, I woke up to a fantastic email that literally made me jump out of my bed. Don't you just love those emails? I sure do. 

Today is a lazy, snow-filled kind of day with tea and pizza...oh and a wine cellar party later. Not so sure about the wine after my New Years Eve experience. Hmm, well off to catch up on some more Revenge with a warm slice of pizza in my hands and a bunch of blankets.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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