Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Home!

After 8 hours from Washington D.C. to Paris, running aimlessly lost throughout the Paris airport only to find out my flight was delayed to almost 2 hours on a flight...with a crying baby the whole time...from Paris to Prague, I finally got home!

I love that I can happily call Prague my home even though I grew up in America. Prague is such a unique place that no matter how long you've been there, whether its a month or 4 months (like me) that when you go away and come back you get this immense feeling of "home". I was so happy to be back. So happy that I wasn't even that mad that they lost both pieces of my luggage.

Coming back home to snow after a month of fairly decent weather was a quite a surprise, not sure if I missed the cold here but I definitely missed everything else. Treated myself to delicious European coffee, poppy-seed and plum strudel, vanilla hot chocolate, a traditional Czech dinner of goulash and potato dumplings with some dark Czech beer and friends all in a matter of 48 hours.

I STILL don't have my luggage but I think I am still too jet-lagged to care. The worst part is the traveling from America to the Czech Republic. It always involves too little sleep, uncomfortable seats, running and sweating, stress and mini heart attacks when the plane goes through turbulence. At least that trip won't be happening again until mid-June, until then it's a semester full of new people, my fabulous friends, tons of great coffee and desserts, traveling to new places and good times.

My good friend from high-school is here in Prague for the next 5 days so I get to take him to all the tourist places and be all touristy with the pictures in the snow. I'll post some new snow-covered Prague pictures in the next few days...until then it's sleeping in and tons of hot tea to make a cold stay away!

Travel on wanderlusters! Are you happy to be home after a long vacation or recent travel?

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