Monday, January 21, 2013

Just One of Those...

Nights where you can't sleep no matter what you do? Yeah...that was my night last night after tossing and turning for a few hours I decided to watch catch up on some Homeland and Vampire Diaries and I instantly passed out. Well, for only about 4 hours but something is better than nothing right?

I'm staring outside as I type and it's really yucky and depressing out. I miss the sunshine and warm weather...never thought I would say I miss the warm weather because I am definitely a cold weather type of person. Hmph, I blame it on Europe! Haha.

Well, I promised my friend I would take him up to the Prague Castle, snow or no snow, today so that's what I'll be doing a majority of my day and I promised you wanderlusters that I would post some pictures of Prague in the snow! Bear in mind it will be some dreary, gray/dark pictures but you'll get the jist of Prague winter beauty :) Despite how beautiful Prague is in the winter, I am dreaming of Thailand...only 2 more months until Bangkok and Phuket Bay beaches.

P.S. I started my internship with, for those of you who haven't heard about it, CHECK IT OUT! But my first post went live and my wanderlusters should check out the fashion-loving side of my writing! I convinced my best friend to do a mini photo-shoot for me in my backyard and now she's the face of my first CF article!


Travel on wanderlusters!

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