Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh, Roma!

Ciao bellas and bellos!

It's my last day in Rome so I have a little down time to write to all you wanderlusters before heading to the Pantheon, Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica. However, I'll give you the FULL run down of my trip tomorrow or Tuesday morning before running to get my uni books.

Yesterday, we started a little later than expected but we made it to the Trevi Fountain, with a delicious gelato in hand and then to the Spanish Steps. It's truly breath-taking seeing places like those for the first time in person especially after seeing them in countless movies, on other people's Facebooks' and on sites like Pinterest. I was so overwhelming happy when I was standing there, jaw dropped, just staring at these beautiful places. It really reminds you how lucky you are to be able to travel and just live, not many people in this world are lucky enough to travel or get this, even brave enough to travel! Made me take a moment and thank everyone in my life who made my dreams, my passions come true. Granted I am only in Rome but just alone in the past year I have traveled more and MOVED to a foreign country and that would not have been made possible without the love and support of friends and family back in the United States, and of course the places and people that hired me to work for them which made the financial part of my trips possible.

Anywho, back to real time, as I said before, seeing the Trevi Fountain and making a wish then sitting/walking on the Spanish Steps were two things that I could check off my travel bucket list and it was so fulfilling to have done that!

I've met some lovely, lovely and interesting people during my week in Rome and I am so grateful to have had this experience. In coming days, I will post more pictures of my trip and reviews and things to do. Now on to the Pantheon, Vatican and St. Peter's...then it's time to get some shut-eye and catch a flight back home to Prague!

Travel on wanderlusters! 

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