Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feeling a Little Arts-and-Crafts-y

Hi Wanderlusters!

I'm going to post the New York City/Long Island post tomorrow morning when sipping on a warm cappuccino. So get ready! But today, a lazy and dreary Sunday afternoon, I am feeling kind of creative/arts and crafts-y, so I decided I'm going to make several inspiration boards when I get back home to Prague in a few days (eeep!). These are going to be boards on just general things I like, on travel destinations/places I've been, foods I like or would like to try, fashion, quotes; just anything and everything basically.

I went quote searching on Pinterest for about an hour the other day and found some really cool ones that will go on my quote board. Here are a few I liked and want to share with you guys.

Do you, wanderlusters, ever go on Pinterest for inspirations or arts and crafts projects? I'm feeling a little inspired in 2013.

Travel on wanderlusters! And be ready for tomorrow's New York City post.

P.S. 4 more days until I'm Europe-bound again!

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