Monday, December 3, 2012

The Email That Changed My Spring Semester

So, while sitting in a coffee shop this evening, having our first official "business" meeting and organizing the blog/website/clothing line...I check my email, mid-sip from the holy grail (the coffee is heaven and in a grail shaped cup)...and what did I receive?

A big, wonderful, CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations what though? Congratulations I'm pregnant? Congratulations you looked like a smelly mess today? Congratulations there's a llama farm in the middle of Prague with your name as the title? No no no silly. Congratulations because I got the fashion internship I was crossing my fingers for about two months for! 

I did a loud wiggle in my seat, accompanied with some squealing which caused the really confused stares, which then was followed by some fist-punching in the air. Yes, Jersey Shore style...

The website is called CollegeFashionista and it's fantastic. For students who are in college and love fashion instead of just going to class in stinky, wrinkly PJ's and sweats. The website is for students in colleges all across the United States and even internationally. I discovered the site when looking through blogs and was really hooked. I then wondered if my school, in Prague, was wasn't. So, I was ballsy and decided to email the founder and suggest Prague be included. I received an email back saying I should fill out and application and give them a sample of what I got (photos and writing).

A month later, I get the acceptance email. I am so so thrilled to be part of the CollegeFashionista family and start the Prague universities' page. This is also pretty exciting for my business partner and I because we are hoping that some of the students in our university will begin wearing our DIY clothing line so it will promote our new DIY community and clothing line. So many fantastic opportunities, I am more than grateful for them.

If you haven't checked the site out, you most definitely should. Pretty inspiring! 
Check us out:

Travel on wanderlusters and happy Monday/Tuesday!

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