Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spotted: Tom Cruise

On the Charles Bridge yesterday afternoon! Now where is little Suri?!

Today, on the walk to the National Library, we were stopped in our tracks when we saw they were filming a movie right outside of the library. So, of course we stopped and stared, waiting patiently for some A-list celebrity to come running in the scene. We left minutes after to the Christmas market then came back and right when we came back they were filming a scene...couldn't tell if it was Tom Cruise but it sure looked A LOT like him.

Whatever movie they are filming, they are trying to portray it being in the Netherlands, nope, it's in Prague. The fake street signs and Netherlands license plates were added to make it seem like it was in the Netherlands.

It's beaaaautiful and sunny today but I get to spend the entire, FREEZING, afternoon in the library studying for finals next week. I just looked up from typing this and realized an extremely creepy lady with a "I'm going to steal you and throw you in a cave" grin was staring at me from across the library. Okay, then.

Travel on wanderlusters!

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