Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Second-to-Last Day of 2012

The days are flying by and right when I'm in bed each night I think "Ah I need to post on the blog n....tomorrow..." then tomorrow comes and well, you get it.

But I am posting now in the spare few minutes I have to myself since being home for some of winter break. I'm so excited to be going back already, mostly because my good friend (from high-school in America) is coming to stay with me for a few days in Prague and I get to show him around. Also, because all the fun travels of 2013 will be kick-started by I go to Rome at the end of January. Don't get me wrong, I love America- being home and all but I have the urge to travel each day that 2013 nears us.

So far, the travels set and stone planned for 2013 are: 
January- Rome, Italy
February- Berlin, Germany
March- hopefully Amsterdam, Netherlands OR Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick's Day
end of March-April- Bangkok and Phuket Bay, Thailand
end of May-June- Budapest, Hungary; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain then home to America for the summer.

I've been keeping my fingers crossed for a few months now because in January or February I find out if I get to go to Perth, Australia for my fall 2013 semester. My two best friends and I are all wanting to go so we've been dreaming and hoping everything works out. We will see what happens!

Hopefully I made your eyes happy with a!

Travel on wanderlusters and happy second-to-last day of 2012! Blog you all tomorrow.

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