Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy Strikes in Newtown

I'm sitting here writing this in tears, as a big sister to a little sister in kindergarten and a little brother in 2nd grade.

I took a nap this afternoon only to wake up to the horrific news of what happened in Newtown, CT. My heart instantly ripped into two. I cannot even imagine the devastation the families of the children and teachers killed and the whole community of Newtown. No, I am not a mother but I am a big sister who has two elementary school siblings and my heart and thoughts go out to every one affected by this tragedy.

I don't understand how someone can wake up with the urge to kill so many innocent people, let alone YOUNG CHILDREN. Why? Why, why?! For the sake of the country I grew up in and where my friends and family live, I hope this prompts change. I sincerely hope this was finally the last straw after all the shootings that occurred throughout America just this year, 2012. Watching Obama wipe the tears from his eyes, pause for a few seconds between words and say his final words really makes me hope that change will finally be made.

I cannot imagine living in fear everyday, I cannot imagine sending my child or brother and sister to school worrying about if this will happen again. I just can't. This is why change needs to be made. No parent should EVER receive a phone call that their 5-10 year old child has been shot in school, a place that is supposed to be safe, a place that gives them a future.

Again, my heart and my thoughts go out to the families and everyone affected by the Newtown school shooting this afternoon.

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