Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Merry Christmas from a MIA blogger!

Wow, I have been so MIA! Only because coming back home to America to surprise everyone took a lot of time and energy.

Truly priceless the looks on my best friend's faces and everyone else's. I've always wanted to surprise people, but I would always crack...I, for the first time, didn't crack and my plan worked out perfectly.

So I'm home for the holidays...being back though makes me realize how much Prague is my, new, home and how much I miss that beautiful city. Granted, I will be back in a few short weeks but I guess it takes leaving to fully appreciate everything that city has to offer...even hard uni work/papers.

The next few weeks here will be spent with my lovely, and very missed, friends. Relaxing and watching my American TV shows is also on the list...plus tons of Chipotle burrito bowls. I think I've had 7 since I got in last Sunday. Sad, I know.

MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS wanderlusters!! I am so glad I decided to start this blog this year and hope that 2013 will bring some good posts and a ton of new readers to the blog. I want to thank everyone who has read so far and has kept coming back. I promise some fun, good travels and video blogs will be coming in 2013.

One of my Christmas presents actually was a ticket to Thailand in April. SO EXCITED. I have always wanted to go to Thailand. I think that was my favorite present this year. I am so grateful, not only for that but to be surrounded by such great friends and to have been given the opportunity to start this new chapter of my life in Europe.

Here's a final Merry Christmas from my little brother and I...we celebrate Christmas on the 24th since my mother and her husband are both Czech and grew up celebrating on Christmas Eve.

How did you spend Christmas Eve/Christmas day? What did you get? 
Travel on wanderlusters!

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