Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Of Eyes and Hands'

GREAT NEWS!! Today, my friend and I decided to start our own DIY website/community for other DIY designers. We will start out on a blog (which I am creating after this post and will feature in the next post) and it will turn into a website where we display our DIY line (name still pending), as well as other DIY designer's clothes.

The blog/website will be called 'Of Eyes and Hands'.

We are really excited about this and it all happened over a fantastic bowl of Pad Thai...which is my favorite meal in the's never to early to start your dreams is what I keep reminding myself.

Thought I should break the news here first! Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. The beautiful Christmas market is officially open in Old Town Square so Wednesday (after some of the finals craziness is over) we are going to wander there, take pictures and I'll dedicate a post to it.

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