Monday, September 16, 2013


Get ready for an opinionated post...every once in a while I feel really strongly about current events and I just feel the need to let me opinion out there and in the open:

So, if you do not live under a rock (I like to sometimes) then you know about the new Miss America and all the controversy behind her victory. The winner, Nina Davuluri, a New York native...of Indian descent. 

This last part caused much of the controversy. Tweeters are claiming she is a "terrorist" or a "foreigner" of "Indian, Asian or whatever she is" descent. Her skin color isn't white and she isn't a blonde, therefore she isn't an "American" and shouldn't have won Miss America. How incredibly absurd is that? Absolutely, indefinitely absurd. When I saw the articles this morning and tweets, I did something I never do: reply to these idiots and just let it all out, insulting their stupidity and telling them to get their shit together before tweeting something so rude, uneducated and ignorant. The funny thing about the people who tweeted these things is that they obviously have NO idea whatsoever that they are either in fact "foreigners" themselves or the descendants of "foreigners" seeing as America was one of the last continents in the world to be colonized and people from Europe, Latin America, Africa, India, Asia and all the other continents/countries of the world. Also, seeing as America is one of the only countries in the world that can be home to such cultural diversity, it doesn't quite make sense to judge someone as a "foreigner". Anyone living in America is either, by passport, considered an "American" or is in the process of becoming an "American". So calm your tits. 

Lastly, had any of them been educated, at least grade school educated, they would know that geographically, India is not a part of the Middle East- yes they are in the same area on the map but India is not a part of the Middle East but in fact part of South Asia. So, if they wanted to be racist, the correct term would have been "Asian" instead of "terrorist". However, if they brought race into that, it would make an even stronger argument as to how absurd and ignorant people are. To be in the Miss America pageant  you must either be a) American born and/or b) an American citizen. So, idiotic critics of the new Miss America, learn your shit and realize she too, like you patriotic morons, is an American and has been living in America her entire life. 

Come on, she's beautiful and probably extremely friendly, smart, caring and hard-working, why hate on someone like that? Plus, look how happy she looks, can't we just bask in that instead of hating on someone for where they come from originally? I applaud her, she knew if she won she would get this horrible type of criticism and yet she is still smiling. I think everyone needs to be a bit more like Nina Davuluri. 

Maybe they are just jealous of her success since from what I saw, the tweeters were either between the ages of 13-15, uneducated men and women who can't even spell or fat hill-billys. Sorry, but if you want to generalize someone then how about we generalize you, tweeters who are fearless behind a screen but would never say it to the new Miss America's face. 

That's all I have to say about this issue and happy Tuesday! I hope all of you wanderlusters have a lovely day and of course, travel on wanderlusters! 

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