Tuesday, September 24, 2013


In North Africa along the Mediterranean coast, between Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and above Mauritania, Mali and Niger lies Algeria. The capital being Algiers and official language Arabic.

Several MUST SEE places in Algeria include:
1. The capital, of course, Algiers

2. Ain Sefra

3. Batna

4. Ghardaia

5. Oran

6. Touggourt

When in Algiers,
1. Check out some of the museums/galleries:

  • Musee National du Moudjahid
  • Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography 
  • Palais de Rais
  • Musee des Beaux Arts
  • Museum of Popular Arts & Traditions
2. Snap some Instagram worthy pictures of the many monuments and historical landmarks:
  • Dar Hassan Pacha
  • Citadel
  • Makam Echabid
  • Grande Poste
  • Ville Nouvelle

3. Get holy at the Notre Dame d'Afrique, Djemaa el-Djedid or the Djemaa el-Kebir.
4. Feast away at the many restaurants: 
  • La Maison de Couscous (Algerian cuisine)
  • La Vague Bleu (seafood)
  • Tontonville Cafe 
  • Brasserie des Facultes (Algerian cuisine)
  • Le Magelan (seafood)
  • L'Arc en Ciel (Algerian cuisine)
  • Le Brussels
  • Restaurant le Faubourg (Algerian cuisine)
  • Le Dauphin (seafood)
  • Big Blue (burgers, french fries, etc.)
  • Milk Bar (cafe)
  • Auberge du Molin (Algerian cuisine)
  • Les Puits d'Amour (French pastries)
5. Take a few shots, loosen up and mingle with the locals or other tourists!
  • Bar Dey
  • Le Racym's
  • Riadh el-Feth
  • Pasha (club)
  • Alger Bar
  • Taverne du Parc
6. For some good ole fashioned entertainment, check out: 
  • Palais de la Culture 
  • Goethe Instit
  • Theatre National Algerien
  • Cinema Algeria

The next post will be on: Uruguay (in South America)

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