Monday, September 23, 2013


Happy Monday wanderlusters! How are you starting your day today? If you are like me, you'll drag your carcass out of bed, probably hit your head on something, go to the bath and stare in the mirror like a zombie, lifelessly walk into the kitchen for either some juice, tea or coffee, followed by breakfast and then make your way to your laptop/iPad/tablet/smart-phone. Sound about right?

I know when I first log on in the morning I always browse the articles (and weather and horoscope sections) of Yahoo! Well, I came across this article on the "7 Craziest Hotels Around the World". Hmm. Sounds...crazy, yeah? Of course I had to read.

It looks like these are the craaaaziest hotels one can stay in when traveling: 
1Hotêl de Glace, Canada

2. La Villa Hamster, France

3. Bubble Tree Hotel, France

4. Grand Cayon Cavern Suites, Arizona

5. Propeller Island City Lodge-Berlin, Germany

6. Save the Beach Hotels- various locations throughout the world

7. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Sweden

Even though they seem a little oddball, I definitely want to stay in at least 3 of the 7 someday! Have any of you wanderlusters ever stayed a night or two in one of these hotels?

Well, it's that time of morning for class and studying so I'm off! Have a lovely Monday and as always, travel on wanderlusters! 

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