Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Means Big Things

I broke my promise.
The promise that I would blog again more.
But there's a perfectly good excuse as for why that promise was broken and it's something called life.

Lame excuse, huh?
I can't tell you how quickly the last year and a half slipped by. I know a blogged here and there during that time but not as consistently as I used to.

I started off 2015 though with several goals in mind and one of them was to start blogging again. Over the last year and half I've been on a journey of what some would say 'self-discovery'; learning about the ins and outs of myself and the wide, wide world out there.
While I haven't traveled much, except between the United States and Europe, 2014 was a pretty monumental year. I'll be honest and admit it was definitely not my favorite years and I'm VERY glad that it's over but the lessons I learned and the improvements I've made will stick with me forever. One of the major things that changed was my writing and my ability to express myself through my writing. So, I'm very excited to write more on TWW and share my thoughts with fellow wanderlusters!

I'm really looking forward to this year (and the years that lie ahead). Some big things are going to happening this year. I'll get those 'big things' in future posts but I'm positive that these big things will make for good blog posts on Traveling with Wanderlust.

I also hope that I can share with you all more than just travel, but also my passion for style and fashion, my (usually sad, pathetic) attempts at cooking and baking, my yoga and meditation practices, photos which spark something wonderful inside me and just daily thoughts/short stories/poems I write.

Another major happening which will occur this year is the release of my first book. I've been working like a maniac the last year or so on writing, editing and ultimately finishing my first fiction drama/mystery novel. I won't disclose anymore as I want to keep it as much of a surprise as possible but I hope that once it is finished and published, I can share some of my thoughts, reasons and what not behind the book with you all!

Here's to a New Year and new beginnings either with old projects/things or entirely new ones.
Happy traveling and a wonderful Monday to all you wanderlusters out there!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a post tomorrow morning- U.S. time, so afternoon for all my other global readers! :)

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