Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whoa...New Name? may have noticed a slight change (okay, a big change! in TWW: the NAME. Yes, I decided to change the name to La Vie Bohème, seeing as now it won't only be a travel blog but a travel and lifestyle blog. I felt that the name would be a little deceiving to new readers. Plus, changes with TWW mean it's okay to change the name, right?

I'm working on getting the URL changed so it will be instead of

The name was inspired by the fact that I mostly reside in the Bohemia region of Czech Republic and life truly is quite 'Bohemian' there. A little ironic that the name is French and the region is in Czech Republic, eh?

I hope the new name and newness of everything else won't retract old readers and if so, drop me an email at and we will see what can be done :)

Have a lovely evening wanderlusters (yes, I will still call you all that) and travel on!

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