Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's Talk About New York City

The Big Apple. The Empire State. The City That Never Sleeps. The City of Lights. The City of Hopes and Dreams. Manhattan. New York, New York. Oh, NYC you wonderful and horrible place.

I both love and hate Manhattan. While growing up, the summers we didn't spend back home in Czech Republic, we would sometimes venture up into the city for a week or so. Then we would retreat back to our country life in southern Maryland, dazed by the quickness of life in the city, filled with pollution in our lungs and wishing to never see an obnoxiously yellow car ever again.

While I say I have a love//hate relationship with the city, I'll never pass an opportunity to be in Manhattan. I'm keen to see what Chicago will hold whenever I will finally make a trip over there.

Anywho, let's get to the fun stuff about New York:

Blinding, crazy, cold but wonderful Times Square by night.

Times Square!

A woooonderfully good french toast breakfast at 12 Chairs in Soho. A must go-to place.

My gorgeous breakfast date // New York City travel companion in SoHo.

Adventures in China Town.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge (with super cold and sore feet) into Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Roasting Company- right by the river in a warehouse building. Great coffee- a bit on the expensive side but definitely worth it + the atmosphere is so very 'Brooklyn'.

I'm OBSESSED with Thai food so of course, we had to go to at least one Thai restaurant. I believe it was Pam Real Thai Food in Hell's Kitchen. On the outside it didn't look like much but inside it was very modern, dark and the food was delicious. Amazing pad thai and lovely service.

While I'm obsessed with Thai food, I think my heart belongs mainly with coffee. I would go to every coffee shop in a city if I could. Naturally, I Googled the best coffee shops in each part of New York we explored. This quaint little cafe. Third Rail Coffee, was in Greenwich Village. Great $3.50 latte and they even did a little bit of that latte art everyone loves to Instagram.

Morning walk through SoHo.

Central Park, you were gorgeous that Friday morning. 

I had never been to Grand Central Station and as Gossip Girl was one of my favorite shows growing up, I just had to go to the place that started off the show. (GG fans you'll know what I mean).

Breezy strolls through Central Park on our last morning in the city.

Pre-Brooklyn Bridge foot cramps.

Grand Central Terminal Station with my darling of a friend from university.

The Slavics take on New York City!

Some other restaurants we went to were:
- Red Bamboo (vegetarian/vegan)
- OatMeals (awesome oatmeal bar- I didn't even know these existed- with a huge variety of sweet and savory oatmeals...I got the Indian Spiced and it was amazing).
- Birch Coffee

In 2 (full) days we went through:
-West Village (where we stayed)
- SoHo
- Chinatown
- Little Italy
- Upper East Side
- Brooklyn
- Greenwich Village
- East Harlem
- Mid-Town
- East Village
- Lower Manhattan
- No-Ho
- Flat Iron District
- Upper West Side
- Hell's Kitchen

And all on foot! Okay, so maybe we took a metro the last day between Mid-Town and West Village because we were about to keel over from walking SO much.

Well, I guess that's all about New York City! Travel on wanderlusters!

P.S. Tomorrow will be TWW's first fashion-inspired post.

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