Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Monday!

Good morning and happy Monday!
Now, I know that Monday is probably one of the worst words out there but you can either:
a) Be grumpy and sour all day
b) Make this Monday the start of something new; see it as a 'fresh beginning', so to speak.

Today, instead of choosing choice a)- which I usually do- I decided to go with choice b).
So, just what does choice b) entail?
Well, this morning I woke up feeling productive. I honestly have not felt productive since mid-May, so the last several months were spent just being lazy and not doing much at all except sleeping and catching up on TV shows. Today, however, I decided I am going to begin posting regularly on TWW again.

I guess it's a good day, eh?

Also, some friends and I are going to explore a park outside of Prague called 'Velka Amerika', which in English translates to 'Big America'. Why is it called this? Apparently, from what I have heard, it is because the park resembles the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I suppose we shall see, hmmm.

Of course I will post pictures and write about it, so expect that post tomorrow morning (well, morning in Europe).

I'm off to explore, travel on wanderlusters!

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