Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This weekend I took a trip with some friends to visit two friends who live in Hradec Králové  a small city in Moravia about 1.5 hours away from Prague. We arrived on Saturday afternoon (which was sunny and beautiful, yay!) then went to lunch at a restaurant called Satlava. The restaurant was started in 1538, I believe that was the year, and have been restored over the years to what it is today. I can honestly say it was the most phenomenal place I have ever eaten- the food was incredible, service was good, prices were cheap and the interior and exterior (outdoor seating with beautiful) was lovely. I lunched on a full plate of trout, green...mashed potatoes, veggies, a cappuccino and for dessert I devoured a caramel mascarpone biscuit dessert dish. Amazing.

After lunch we explored Old Town and then headed back to the flat to get ready for the house-warming party. The night was spent meeting medical students, sipping cocktails and snacking on delicious mini pizzas. After a few hours of schmoozing and what not, we headed back out to Old Town to go to Xtreme, a popular bar among students in the city. Spent a few hours there and then around 3 am it was finally time to hit the hay. It was amazing walking home because it was so silent, something you don't get here in Prague. It was incredible that no other living things were out at this hour, especially in a "college town/city". The next morning we enjoyed a great breakfast (well, not me for I drank too much the night before) and then in the afternoon, we walked through Hradec and to the bus station to catch the bus back to Prague.

Even though it was a very short trip, the city is beautiful and definitely a "hidden treasure" of the Czech Republic. We will be returning- and for a longer period of time. If you ever come to the Czech Republic, make sure to stop in Hradec Kralove, even if it's just for an afternoon. You won't regret it! A round-trip Student Agency bus from Prague is 200 korunas all together, that's about $10.

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