Friday, October 4, 2013


As an avid fashion lover, I was excited to read this article. They also give "essential items" for each country.

8. United States

  • Essential item: sweater dress

7. Brazil

  • Essential item: bikini

6. Australia

  • Essential items: dress (Alex Perry) for women and for men, a paisley shirt. 

5. United Kingdom

  • Essential item: slim pencil skirt

4. Japan

  • Essential item: flannel long sleeve tunic

3. France

  • Essential items: cotton tweed culotte skirt (women) and leather jacket (men)

2. Sweden

  • Essential items: long knitted polo neck jumper (women) and Royal Blue Johnny sweater (men)

1. Italy

  • Essential items: Miu Miu bag (women) and tailored Zanetti blazer with pocket square (men)

Travel (and from this post, fashion) on wanderlusters!

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