Friday, February 15, 2013

Post-Valentines Day and BOOBS

Ciao ciao ciao wanderlusters!

I know I promised a post about my adventures in Berlin, Germany last weekend and don't worry there will be one coming! This week has been packed with university, homework, going to the gym, getting some sleep and just as of today, a new job! I went for a second interview this morning and ended up staying for my first day of training and then getting the job! It was a lovely day. I now work for a communications firm here in Prague that is a British based company so I get to work with some pretty cool and diverse people.

After only my first few hours on the job, I love the company, the office and the fantastic people I work with. I cannot wait to actually start next week! With an internship, a new job, university, new dedication to the gym, a social life, writing for various websites, blogging, traveling and sleeping, I am about to the world's busiest college student! But I love to be busy so it's okay.

How was everyone's Valentines Day from around the world? I went to a wonderful cafe/restaurant called The Globe, if any of you are ever in Prague, I most definitely recommend it. It is an English restaurant with most of the staff either being British or American and the atmosphere is great. Really relaxed and the food is delicious for great prices. They also have phenomenal apple pie with ice-cream, a definite must get when going there. If you are into goat cheese salads, that's what I ate last night and it was hands-down of the best I've ever eaten. Can't wait to go back! The Happy Hour there is also fantastic, really cheap for cocktails (49-99 crowns, which is $2-$5 USD). I treated myself to a Sex on the Beach and a White Russian, yummmm.

Two of my blonde Valentines! Princess Di and the future ambassador of Norway/France/the world!

What did you and your significant other do? Or if you are single what did you and your friends do?! I love to hear these stories! Valentines Day is actually called Friends and Love Day in Spanish which I think is perfect because it's a day that's meant to be spent happy and grateful for the love that surrounds you, not for feeling pitiful and sad that you are not romantically involved with someone.

Tonight, the girls and I are headed to an art exhibition called BOOBS. Yes, it is art about all different types of boobs, so we will see what surprises are there.

Travel on wanderlusters and happy Friday!

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