Monday, February 11, 2013

Study Abroad 2013

Good morning wanderlusters...or good afternoon to the European/elsewhere wanderlusters!

I got back to Prague from Berlin late last night then woke up super early for an 8 o'clock uni class which I almost passed out in several times. However, now I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop contemplating what I should write for my "letter of motivation" towards my Fall 2013 study abroad application. Sadly, the Perth, Australia university was not offered but after thinking about it long and hard, I decided that since I plan to move to Melbourne, Australia in the summer or fall of 2015 (after I graduate uni) I might as well go somewhere I will not get the chance to live in in the future. 

So far, my top three choices are universities in: South Korea, Hawaii and Uruguay...because let's face it, when do you get an opportunity to live in these countries?! 

Have any of you traveled to either of the three? I figured that living in Europe I should broaden my horizons to places other than other countries in Europe to get the full "traveling/living with wanderlust experience."

Well, I'm back to uni now and tonight will write about my weekend in Berlin with the girls. Expect a post tomorrow morning! 

Travel on wanderlusters!

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