Saturday, July 20, 2013


I think from now on I may be more willing to sit down and write decent posts almost everyday of the week...why?
Because my new laptop just came in!

I ordered a Dell Inspiron 14-inch Ultrabook because I had a big, clunky, HEAVY pink Dell laptop for the past 5 years and it was time to finally upgrade.
Usually when students first go off to college they are gifted with MacBooks, Ultrabooks or iPads but since I was making a big move I figured I could keep the old laptop for another year before it was absolutely necessary to get a new one. My first year of college passed so that meant a new laptop.
I haven't really gone to the Apple side of electronics yet so I wasn't looking for a MacBook but I was definitely interested in a laptop that was light-weight, very travel-friendly/portable and QUIET.
I cannot tell you how many times I would be using my laptop in class or at a coffee shop and it would randomly start making loud noises or just shut off in the middle of my work. Even if I set it down to hard it would shut off.
That wasn't working for me, a college student always on the go and traveling between countries and continents.
So, I finally upgraded and so far, so good. I really like this laptop and hope it will serve me well over the next few years before I consider upgrading to a MacBook or whatever futuristic laptop/tablet type of thing they will have.
I would say that Dell laptops are a good quality and budget-friendly buy. A lot of these laptops have either Skullcandy or Beats speakers so the sound quality is fantastic and are very good for transporting. Dell also has a line of touch-screen laptops (they have a keyboard too, don't worry) that I was looking at but I figured since I already have an touch-screen phone and tablet, I would stick to a standard non-touch laptop. But, if you are all about the touch-screen, I would recommend buying a touch-screen Dell laptop- I've good and only good things about them.

So, there's that. I'm getting myself some tea ready and I'm going to start writing the Barcelona post and a few other posts I've been meaning to share with you all!

Have a lovely Saturday (or Sunday, wherever you are in the world) and as always, travel on wanderlusters!

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