Saturday, July 27, 2013


Cue my cup of coffee and sitting in front of the TV...wait, I've done that everyday this summer already. Oops.

Upon my morning ritual of stalking Yahoo!, checking emails and reading various articles that catch my eye, I came across the '10 Ultimate Trips of a Lifetime'.

1. Great Wall of China (Beijing) to Gorky Park (Moscow) via Trans-Siberian Railroad.
2. Bhutan...also known as the happiest place on Earth.
3. India...tiger safaris and saris
4. Tokyo (Japan) to Jigokudani Valley.
5. California...road-trip style.
6. Antarctica.
7. Galapagos.
8. Jordan.
9. Seychelles.
10.  Guyan...also known as no-man's land.

I know I will definitely be going to these places, some before others but I will make it to all of them someday and hopefully can still tell all of you how they went!

Travel on wanderlusters!

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